Fusilli Pasta

This is an easiest recipe to make and not to hard. It does not contain a lot of work. All you need to do is boil the pasta and stir to make it tender. Fusilli Pasta is a food that everyone loves to eat. You Can put tomato sauce or cream of mushroom on the pasta will be very tasty and your family and kids will love it a lot. Try the recipe and enjoy.

1. In a cupboard, take out a large pan or pot. Fill up with cold water the quantity pasta that you would need.
2. Turn on the stove to high heat.
3. Put a bit of salt in the water and stir to make in the water.
4. Put the lid on the pan or pot and wait until the water is boil,
5. Once the water is boil, pour in the pasta in the pan or pot and stir.
6. Close the lid and wait until the pasta boil at medium heat for about
7-10 min.
7. once it is boil stir it a few times, so that it will not stick
8. Close the lid and cook it for another 5 min or until it boil with bubble.
9. When it boil with bubble. Open the lid and take a piece of pasta out and
taste to see if it is tender.
10. If the Pasta is not tender, let it cook for a bit more longer until you taste
the pasta is tender.
11. When the pasta is cook to the tender texture. Take a strainer and put it in the sink and pour the pasta in the strainer.
12. Rinse the pasta for 2-3 min with cold water.
13. Now it is ready to eat. (You can put ever you like on the pasta)
14. Enjoy!!!!