Beans, Crab meats, and eggs fried rice

This is the easiest food to cook. It is not to heard and does not contain a lot of work. all you need is just a few indigents. The cooking time will take a bit long. Once you cook this fried rice you will see how beautiful the colours look in this fried rice. All kids and your family will love this fried rice. Try my recipe and enjoy!!!!

Prepartion ingredients:
1. Take 2-3 eggs from the fridge and crack it in a bowl and beat the eggs
2. In the freezer take out a bag of frozen beans and take as much as
you needed in a bag and put it in a strainer. Rinse it with cold water.
3. Use 4-5 pieces of crab meats and soak it in to water for few seconds, so it would be easier to take out the small plastic paper.
4. Take the crab meats out of the water and take small plastic paper off. Use a cutting board and cut the crab meats into pieces.
5. Wash some green onion and chop it into small pieces.
5. Use the left over rice or fresh rice that was made. (Use as much rice as you need depending on how many people will be eating)

1. Take a pan out of the cupboard and place in on the stove
2. Put the heat to low medium. Wait until the pan gets hot.
3. Put some oil in the pan and move the pan around.
4. Add the rice in the pan and use a cooking spatula to stir the
rice for a 2-4 min. ( note that the cooking time of the rice depending
on if you use left over or fresh rice)
5. Add a pinch of salt and some soya sauce and stir the rice.
6. Pour the egg mixer batter in the rice and mix together
7. Put the beans in the fried rice and stir together.
8. Close the lid for a few seconds.
9. Open the lid and put some crab meats and green onions in the rice and stir for a 4-5 min.
10. You can taste the fried rice, to see if the fried rice is ready.
11. If you feel that the fried rice is not ready, you can cook for a bit
12. Once the fried rice is ready. You can put it in a plate
13. enjoy!!!