Bake Spaghetti With tomato sauce, tofu and cheese


  1. In a cupboard, take out a large pan or pot. Fill up with cold water the quantity pasta that you would need.
  2. Turn on the stove to high heat.
  3. Put a bit of salt in the water and stir to mix in the water.
  4. Put the lid on the pan or pot and wait until the water is boil,
  5. Once the water is boil, pour in the pasta in the pan or pot and stir.
  6. Close the lid and wait until the pasta boil at medium heat for about
    7-10 min.
  7. once it is boil stir it a few times, so that it will not stick
  8. Close the lid and cook it for another 5 min or until it boil with bubble.
  9. When it boil with bubble. Open the lid and take a piece of pasta out and taste to see if it is tender.
  10. If the Pasta is not tender, let it cook for a bit more longer until you taste the pasta is tender.
  11. When the pasta is cook to the tender texture. Take a strainer and put it in the sink and pour the pasta in the strainer.
  12. Rinse the pasta for 2-3 min with cold water.
  13. take come cold water in a pan and put the noodles back in the pan or pot and then put it in a strainer to losing the noodles. Easier to take it out.

    1. Take a cutting board and a knife. Take an onion and peel the skin off and cut the onions into pieces. Put it in a container and set it aside.
    2. Take the tofu out of the fridge. Open the package and rinse the tofu in cold water. Cut the tofu into small pieces. Put it in a container and set it aside (you can use any kind of tofu )
    3. Open the can that has the whole tomato sauce. Take out all pieces of tomatoes and put it in a bowl. Use a knife and cut all the tomatoes into small pieces.
    4. In a cupboard, take out a pan. Turn the heat to medium high.
    when the pan is hot, put some oil.
    5. Take the container of chop onions and put it in the pan and stir.
    Add some salt and keep on stir for a few second>
    6. Add the tofu and keep on string for 1 and a half. Add in soya sauce, onion powder, add a lot paprika and a bit of salt. Keep on string until everything is combine for a few min.
    7. When it all ready. Pour all the tomato sauce in the pan and keep on string for a 3-5 min.
    8. add a lot of flour in the sauce to thicken it, so it will not be watery.
    keep on string for a few min.
    9. If is still watery you can add the sesame Arabic tahini. Adding some in the bowl and some tomato sauce and mix it and then pour it into the sauce. Keep on string it until the sauce is not watery.
    10. when you think it is ready turn the heat off.

    1. Take a Casserole plate and put some spaghetti on the bottom as much you think it should be.
    2. Microwave the spaghetti for 10 min.
    3. Take the Spaghetti out of the microwave. Cover the top with sauce and grated cheese (You can choose any kind of cheese of your desire),
    4. If you want sauce and cheese on the second layer make sure you microwave another batch of spaghetti on other plate. and repeat the same steps again.
    5. Turn on the oven to broil and bake at a temperature of 400-450f for 5-7 minutes. Until it the cheese is melted and golden brown (note that it depends what type of oven you have and how strong it is)
    6. When it is ready take it out and you are ready to eat
    7. enjoy.

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