Homemade Pizza (medium and Large)

This is the second time I make pizza and it is an easiest pizza to makes. All you need to do is mix it all together and then knead until smooth for 10 minutes until smooth and raise for 1 hour and a half in. then cut it in half and Shape the dough in a pizza shape. remember to poke holes on the dough before putting the topping or else there will be bubbles while cooking. You and your kids can decorate the pizza dough the way you desire. It will come out nice and tasty and everyone will like it. Try the recipe and enjoy!!

500 gram of flour to make 2 pizza (one large and a medium) (note: You can add more flour to make a bigger pizza)
4-5 gram of instant yeast
1 teaspoon and a half of sugar
1 tsp of salt
30 gram of oil
300 gram of cold water
if you need more water you can add some by bit by bit at a time.

1. use a scale and measure all your ingredients before starting and
set it aside.

2. Use a clean bowl and add 500g of all purpose flour,  5g of instant yeast, 1 and a half teaspoon of sugar, 30g of oil and add in 300g of cold water

3. Use a spatula or a wooden spoon and stir in the middle to form a dough as much as you can.

4. If the dough is dry you can add a bit by bit cold water, until you do not feel any dryness when you mix.

5. Knead the dough with your hands in the bowl, until you form a ball and if it is sticky, you can add some flour to your hands to take out some sticky pieces.

6. continue to knead until it is not sticky and become smooth for 10 minutes.

7. fold in the ball like you close a book for a 5-6 times. Then put it in a bowl and put some oil around the dough.

8. wrap the bowl with plastic paper so it will not get dry and let it set and raise for 1 and a half hours or until double the size.

9. When the dough is finish raising take dough and cut it in half. Use your fingers around the dough and spread the dough apart. Then use a rolling pin to try to shape it round a bit. Take the round dough and use your hands and toss it side ways back and forward a few seconds.

10. place the dough on a pizza tray and spread it round on the pizza tray with your hands.

9. use a fork and poke holes so there are no air bubble while baking.

10. You can spread tomato sauce around the dough, add shredded cheese, and mint herbs. (note: You can put what ever ingredients you desire and like in the pizza dough)

11. preheat oven at 450f for 10-12 mintues

12. Repeat the same steps for the second pizza dough.

12. When the preheat is done. Take the pizza pan and place in the oven and bake for 13-16 min until the bottom is slightly golden brown and the cheese are melted perfectly. (note: if you like it crispy and will eat it all tonight bake it for 20 min) for a medium. For a large pizza bake it for 19-20 minutes until the bottom slightly golden brown and the cheese are melted perfectly.

13. Transfer to a wire rake and let it cool. If you let it hot you can eat it right away.

14. slice into triangle pizza pieces with kitchen scissors or a pizza knife.

13. It’s ready to eat and enjoy!!!!

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