Boil Eggs

These are the easiest boil eggs to make. Does not take long and you can have this eggs in no time. They are very simple to do. When I boil my eggs, they all came out perfectly.
All you need is 5 eggs, sauce pan or you can do it in a slow cooker with water and heat it up in the boiling water until is boiling . Then wait for 7 minutes. Then take it out and put it in a bowl. Once you eat it, crack the eggs and peel the skin. (note: you can rise it under cold water for a few seconds, so that it will be easier to peel the egg shell.
You can cut the eggs in half or into pieces and put it into a salad. These eggs are very good to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. When you are not eating and you think you will eat it in a day, you can keep it on the table overnight. you can put it in the fridge for 2-3 days and take it out when you want to eat it. Use a fork to crack a bit on both side, so that it does not burst everywhere when you are heating up in the microwave. Heat it up a few seconds in the microwave
If you are allergy to eggs, I do not recommend you in trying this recipe because it would not be good for your health.
Who ever is not allergy to eggs . Try the recipe and you will know how fast you can make a boil eggs.

1. Take 5 eggs out of the fridge.
2. In a cupboard take out a sauce pan.
3. Fill the sauce pan with cold water and place it on the stove.
(Note: You can also use a slow cooker and it will do the same way as you cook
the eggs on a sauce pan on the stove.)
4. Turn on the heat to high.
5. Put 5 eggs in the sauce pan. Then cover the lid.
6. Wait until it the water is boiling.
7. When the eggs are boiling in the sauce pan, wait for 7 minutes to be all
cook and ready.
8. When 7 minutes are up. Turn the heat off.
9. Take the eggs out of the sauce pan and put it on a bowl
(Note: you can leave it in the water or pour the water out and leave the eggs in the pot which ever you like for the day.)
10. Crack the eggs and peel the skin
(note: If you rise it in cold water for a few seconds it will be easier to peel the off.)
11. Now you are ready to eat
12. You can cut up the eggs in half or in pieces and put it in salad or just eat
it like that.
13. Enjoy!!!!