Steam potatoes

These steam potatoes are very delicious and easy to make. It does not take long and you can have these steam potatoes in no time. I decided to eat it plain with some ketchup on the side for the dip. They are very healthy without any butter or oil. Boiling potatoes is a very healthy food.
All you need to do is take 7 potatoes and wash the potatoes, peel the skins, rinse and cut into round shapes. and add some water in a large pan with a steamer tray. Turn the heat to high and Cook for 40 minutes, the time it take to boil the water and cook it. When it comes out tender, it means it is ready. Now you can eat it.
When it comes out of the steamer, the best time to eat it is when it is cook hot and fresh. If you like you can put cheese on top of the potatoes and put it in the microwave to melt the cheese or you can just eat it like that. Which ever of your desire. kids would love this steam potatoes a lot with cheese on top. Adult would love these steam potatoes also. If you like you can put sauce on top or just eat it the way it came out of the steamer. You can have these potatoes for lunch or dinner. The best way to eat a healthy potatoes by steaming it. Try the recipe and enjoy.

7 potatoes
large pan with a steamer tray
some cold water
potato knife peeler
cutting board


1. Take out 7 potatoes out of the bag and put it in a bowl.
2. wash each potatoes
3. Take a potato knife peeler and peel all the potatoes skin.
(note: Make sure all the potatoes are peel nice and clean.)
4. Each potatoes that are peel, put it in a bowl.
5. When they are all finish peeling. Rinse all the potatoes in the bowl.
6. Pour the water out into the sink.
7. Take a cutting board and a knife. place the potato on a cutting board.
Cut the potatoes on the side into round shapes.

Cooking Direction:
1. Put a large pan on the stove Pour some cold water into the a large pan
and place the streamer tray on the pan.
2. Put all the potatoes into the steamer tray.
3. Turn the heat to high.
4. Cook for 40 minutes, The time to take for boiling water and to cook it.
5. When the potatoes are ready. Use a knife or a fork and poke to see if it’s tender.
If the potatoes are tender, it mean that it is ready.
6. Take a plate and scoop up all the potatoes. Take a plate and put as many pieces as
you want to eat, while it is still hot and fresh.
7. If you can not finish, you can put it in the fridge and eat the next day,
8. Enjoy!!!!