Mackerel with potatoes and onions

This is a stew mackerel with potatoes and onions. It’s so simple to make. It takes a while to do because there are a few steps to make this dish. Once you get the hand of making this stew dish, you can make any kind of stew food.
The dish came out very colourful after stewing from the large pan. The best combination that goes well with this dish would be with rice because I find it a good match. It does not contain any bones in the fish since it is coming from a can. I really like this kind of dish. You can have this dish for lunch or dinner. If you can not finish it, you can put it in the fridge
to eat the next day. This is a tasty and delicious dish Kids and adult would like this dish. Give this recipe a try and enjoy.

8 potatoes
large pan
knife peeler
cutting board
3 small pieces of onions or 2 large onions
1 can of mackerel in water
couple of lime peels
4-5 pieces of lime
little salt
light and dark soya sauce
sesame oil
garlic powder

1. Take out 7 potatoes out of the bag and put it in a bowl.
2. Take out 3 small pieces of onions or 2 large in the bag and put it in a bowl.
3. wash each potatoes.
4. Take a potato knife peeler and peel all the potatoes skin.
(note: Make sure all the potatoes are peel nice and clean.)
5. Each potatoes that are peel, put it in a bowl.
6. When they are all finish peeling. Rinse all the potatoes in the bowl.
7. Place the potatoes on the cutting board. Cut each in half and into pieces.
8. Place all in the bowl and set it aside.
9. Use a knife and peel the onions skins. place it on the cutting board. Cut each onions in
half. Place it on the side and cut into pieces. Put all in a bowl and set it aside.
10. In the cupboard take out a can of Mackerel in water. Rinse the top and wipe with a cloth.
11. Use a can opener and open the can of mackerel in water. Remove the lid.
12. Use a spoon and remove all the oil from the can. Set it aside.
13. Take a lime out of the fridge. Use a Peeler knife and peel a couple of lime skin.
14. Cut up 4-5 pieces of lime pieces. Put all in a bowl and set it aside.

Cooking process:

1. Take out one non stick pan and a large fry pan and place it on the stove.
2. Turn the non stick pan to medium heat and the large fry pan to high heat
3. Wait for the non stick pan to heat up. While waiting on the other pan
put some oil. When the pan is hot, put in the onions and stir until it is almost ready.
4. Turn off the heat.

Cooking potatoes
1. On the non stick put some oil and twirl the pan to have the oil around the pan.
2. Put all the potatoes in the pan.
3. Use a tong and separate the potatoes apart.
4. When potatoes will burn fast in the middle on one side.
5. immediately turn the potatoes over with a tong.
6. cook the potatoes until it slightly golden brown.

Transferring potatoes to a large pan
1. Turn back the other large fry pan to high heat.
2. When the potatoes are ready, pour all the potatoes in the
large fry pan.
3. Add in little salt, light soya sauce and mix.
4. add some water.
5. close the lid and let it stew for a few minutes at medium low.
6. Check and use a knife to feel if the potatoes are tender
7. Cooking the potatoes almost tender.

Cooking the Mackerel in water from can
1. Turn on the non stick pan to medium heat
2. On the non stick pan, put in the mackerel in water from can
3. let it cook for a few second on the pan
4. Add in the lime peels and lime pieces in the pan with the mackerel
in water.
5. Let it cook itself for a bit.
6. Add in a lot of garlic powder and turmeric to take the not a fresh smell
from the fish away.
7. hold the pan and move it a bit slowly.
8. Let it cook itself for a few more minutes.
9. When it is ready turn off the heat.

Transferring the mackerel in water to the large pan potatoes
1. Pour the pan of mackerel in water with the limes into the large pan of potatoes.
2. Let it cook itself for a few minutes.
3. Add in sugar and sesame oil to take away the not so good smell of the fish
4. Use a cooking wooden spatula and scrap the bottom slowly if it is sticking on the pan, so the
fish and potatoes will not stick.
5. close the lid and let the mackerel in water with potatoes and onions stew for a couple of minutes.
6. Taste the sauce and if it is salty add a bit of sugar.
(Note: If the sauce taste is good, you can eliminate this step.)
7. Add  in sesame oil to get rid of the not so fresh smell from the fish.
8. Let it cook for a bit.
9. When you feel it is ready, turn off the heat.
10. Take a plate and scoop up all the mackerel with potatoes and onions on to the place and place it on the table.
11. Enjoy!!!