Steam Frozen Pampano Fish

This steam Pampano fish is Very tasty. At first, cleaning this fish would be a very hard job. Once you get the hang of it, you can clean all kind of fishes. There are some bones in the fish, but just be careful eating. The meat inside is very good and tasty. You would love this fish a lot once you get it fresh. Try making this steam fish and you will love it.

Direction Cleaning
1. Take the frozen Pampano out of the freezer
2. Take a bowl of hot water and soak the frozen pampano
fish in the bowl, to unfrozen it for about 4-5 min.
3. Put a pair of dish washer gloves
4. Take it out of the bowl.
5. Open the bag with a scissors and take the fish out of the bag.
6. Wash the fish
6. Take a knife and fish. On an angle of the knife, scrape off the
scales everywhere on the fish.
7. This fish does not have a lot of scale to scrape off. Compare to
other fishes.
8. Take a scissors and cut off the mouth guard. Cut a straight line on the stomach almost
to the middle
9. Take out all the disgusting intestine, the red guts and also the mouth guard out of the fish.
10. When it is all clean . rinse inside and make sure there is no dirty thing
11. when done. Rinse the fish again and but it on a plastic bowl to get all the water out.

Direction cooking

1. put the fish on the plate.
2. sprinkle some garlic powder, turmeric and salt on the fish around and inside.
3. Pour some soy sauce on the fish and inside.
4. Slice up a couple of ginger and spread it on the fish and inside.
(optional you can slice the ginger the way you want)
5. Use a knife and peel the onions skins. place it on the cutting board. Cut each onions in
to pieces.
6. spread some onions on top of the fish, inside and some on the bottom of the plate.
7. Take a steamer pot out and boil some water with a steamer rack.
8. Once it is boil hot, put the fish inside the steamer rack and close
the lid.
9. Cook the fish for about 12 min.
10. Once the fish is ready. Use a knife and stick in the middle,
to see if the knife touch the bone. Then you know if it’s ready
11. Turn of the heat.
12. In the fridge take out some coriander and rinse it.
13. Chop up some coriander and place it on top of the fish
14. Take it out steam pampano fish.
15. Enjoy this wonderful steam fish.