Hamburger Steak

These homemade hamburger steak are so simple to make. It does not take long to make and you can have these hamburger steak in no time. When I marinate the ground beef I decide to put in 2 tablespoons of quick oats, to have a good taste After you can put garlic powder, soya sauce, and turmeric to it. At the end I recommend putting in the a lot cornstarch and then mix. Then put a lot flour and mix together.
Make each ground beef into a balls. I use a non stick pan. Place it on the stove. Turn on the heat high. Put some oil and put 4-5 pieces of hamburger patty depending on the size you can making. Use a cooking spatula and flatten the patty and cook for 5 mintues on each side with the lid close. when all ready place it on the plate.
These hamburger steak are very delicious. You have these for lunch or dinner. You can the hamburger steak in a hamburger bun and make it as a hamburger with some salad and fries on the side. You can also have these with rice. It will be so good. What ever way you like to eat it , it is your choice of your desire.
Kids and adults would love this amazing hamburger steak. Try the recipe and enjoy.


Marinate ground beefs:
1. Take a clean bowl.
2. in the package take as much ground beef as you need in the bowl.
3. Add in 2 tablespoon of quick oats. Use a wooden or a fork spatula and mix well together.
4. A lot of garlic powder, a bit of salt, soya sauce and turmeric. Mix well together.
5. Put in some cornstarch. Mix it together, until you do not see any cornstarch in the bowl.
6. Put in some flour and make sure it is coated everywhere. Mix together, until you do not see any
more flour.
7. When everything is all mix up. Set it aside.
8. Take an onion. Peel the onion skin. Place it on the cutting board. Cut in half. Cut into pieces and dice into small pieces.
9. Take out a pan from the cupboard and place it on the stove.
10. Turn the heat to high.
11.when the pan is hot, put some oil.
12. Put all the onions and stir for a few minutes, until it is ready.
13. When the onions are ready, turn off the heat.
13. Take a mid size bowl and put all the cook onions.
14. wait for the onions in the bowl to cool down.
15. When the bowl of onions are cool down, put all the onions in the bowl of marinated ground beef.
16. Mix all together very well.
17. when it is all mix together, set is aside.

Cooking process:
1. In the bowl separate all the ground beef and roll into a ball. You can make any size of your desire.
1. Take out a non stick pan
2. Turn on the non stick pan heat to medium low.
3. When the pan is hot. Put in a bit of oil.
4. Put in 4-5 pieces of balls. Press each ground beef balls flat into a hamburger patty.
5. Cook each sides for 5 minutes with the lid close.
(Note: Closing the lid will cook faster.)
6. When each hamburger steak is finish cooking, place it on a plate.
7. Repeat the same steps for the rest of the hamburger steak.
8. When all is done. Place it on the table.
9. Enjoy!!!

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