Stir fry zucchini with onions and Chinese dry small shrimps

These zucchini are so tender and delicious after cooking from a stir fry from the pan. This dish is so easy to make. I decide to put some Chinese dry small shrimps. If you do not like it, you can put in chicken, beef, pork or ground beef in the stir fry with the zucchini. What ever of your choice of your desire. You can found the dry small shrimps at a Chinese supermarket. I really like this dish a lot. The best combination that goes well with this dish is rice because it has sauce and some Chinese dry shrimps and zucchini that you can mix with the rice. This is a wonderful dish to make. Once you make this dish and eat it, you will like it a lot. Give this recipe a try and enjoy.


Preparing the Chinese dry small shrimps:
1. In the cupboard take out a bowl
2. In the bag take out some Chinese dry small shrimps and put it in the bowl.
3. put some cold water.
4. Put it in the microwave and heat it up, until the water is boiling up.
5. Take it out of the microwave.
6. Take a strainer and pour all the Chinese dry small shrimps to drain the water.
7. Rinse with cold water and place it back into the bowl .

1. Take 3 pieces of zucchini’s and rinse with water.
2. Place it on the zucchini’s on the cutting board and cut off 2 end parts.
3. Place the zucchini’s on the side and cut all into round pieces.
4. Place all the zucchini’s into a mixing bowl.
5. Peel the 2 garlic’s skins and some gingers. Cut into pieces.
6. Peel the onions skins. place it on the cutting board. Cut each onions in
half. Place it on the side and cut into pieces. Put all in a bowl.

Cooking process:
1. Take a fry pan out of the cupboard and place it on the stove.
2. Turn on the heat to high.
3. When the pan is hot, add in some oil.
4. Put in the onions and stir the onions until it is almost done.
5. Add in the Chinese dry small shrimps and stir for a bit.
6. Put in the zucchini and stir a bit.
7. Add in some garlic powder, salt, soya sauce and some flour’s.
Stir the zucchini a few times.
8. Add some water and turn the heat to medium low. Close the lid.
Wait for a couple of minutes for the
zucchini to be cook by itself, until it is tender.
9. Open the lid and take a piece of zucchini and taste if it’s tender.
Once it is tender that mean it is ready. If it is not tender, you will need to cook it a bit longer.
10. Once it is ready, turn off the heat and put all the zucchini with dry chinese shrimps
and onions on to a plate or a container.
11. Enjoy!!!