Pork chops with top scallions

These pork chops are very delicious and easy to make. It does not take along and you can have these pork chops in no time. When pan frying the pork chops they cook ready fast on each sides. Don’t forget to keep an eye on them because if you cook them to long it will become tough. At the bottom I have the recipe how to marinate and pan fry them.
This is a perfect combination dish that goes well with noddles or rice. Which every choice of your desire. You can have this for lunch or dinner and if you do not finish it, you can put it in the fridge and eat them the next day. Kids and adults would love this dish a lot. With all the sauce on the pork chops that you can mix in with the noodles or rice. This is an amazing dish to eat. Give this recipe a try and enjoy.

1. Take a package of pork chops
2. Open the package take as much pork chops as need.
3. Raise pork chops
5. Separate the pork chops on a cutting board or a plate. Marinate both sides with some garlic powder, soya sauce, and cornstarch
(Note: Make sure all the cornstarch is coated everywhere on the pork chops.)
6. Peel the onion skin. Cut it in half and place it on the side and cut into pieces

Cooking process
1. Take a fry pan out of the cupboard and place it on the stove.
2. Turn on the heat to high.
3. When the pan is hot, add in some oil.
4. Put in the onions and stir the onions until it is almost done.
5. Turn the heat to medium
6. Use a tong and put the pork chops into a pan.
7. Close the lid and cook one side for 5 minutes.
8. Open the lid and take a tong and turn the pork chops over to the other side and cook for another 5 minutes.
(Note: If you cook the pork chops to long it will be tough.)
9. Make sure there are no pink or blood coming out.
10. When the pork chops are all done cooking
11. Take a tong and place it all nicely onto a plate.
12. Cut some scallions and sprinkle on the top.
13. Enjoy.

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