French toast

This breakfast meal everyone can make in the morning in a simple and fast way. When you have left over bread at home that has not been used, you can make French toast with it. It does not take long. When eating the French toast, it’s very delicious
I really like this French toast a lot. French toast is dipped in an egg mixture and pan fried until it is golden brown on both sides on low heat. If you like, you can cut off the bread crust to make it look nice.
Kids and adults would love this breakfast French toast. You can put some butter, syrup, or jam on top with some fruits. Whatever you choose as your desire. The French toast came out perfectly golden brown. It is best to eat it when it comes out from the pan nice and fresh. You will enjoy this amazing French toast. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Beating the eggs:
1. Take a clean bowl or a round plate that can beat the eggs.
2. Take out 2-3 eggs. Depending on how many people are eating.
3. Crack 3 eggs into a bowl or a round plate.
4. Beat the eggs, using a teeth knife because it will beat evenly.
5. Put some milk (opitional)
6. If you put milk, continue beating until everything is mix well
7. Set it aside.

Dipping the bread:
1. Take out a bread
2. Cut off the bread crust.
3. Dip the bread into the egg mixture.
5. Make sure the bread is dip evenly all around the bread.
(Note: Do not soak too long into the egg mixture or else it will become soggy.)

Cooking process:

1.In the cupboard take out a fry pan.
(Note: you can take out the fry fan a head of time.)
2. Put it on the stove. turn the heat to
medium low.
3. When the heat is hot, put in some oil.
4. Place the french toast in the fry pan.
5. Immediately turn the heat to low.
6. Cook both sides until they are golden brown
(Note: You will need to keep an eye on the french toast because it cooks fast or else it will get burn.)
7. Once it is done. place it on the plate and top with butter, syrup or jam.
8. Enjoy this yummy french toast/

A bowl of Chinese style noodles (Yet Ca Mein) with Chinese broccoli and seaweed

This bowl of noodles is so simple to make. The only thing that takes long is cooking the noodles. You prepare the noodles the night before and put it in the fridge to eat the next day, I decided to make a vegetarian bowl, to eat healthy. The bowl of noodles is very colourful. You can find the Chinese broccoli and Chinese style noodles (yet ca mein) at a Chinese supermarket. This bowl is very delicious. I like it a lot. You can put some boiling water or a soup base to have a nice taste texture.
You can have this for lunch or dinner. Kids and adults would love this bowl of noodles. If you are a vegetarian person, this bowl of noodles will be the right choice for you. If you can’t finish the noodles, you can freeze it in the freezer or put it in the fridge if you know you will finish them in 3-4 days. This is such a wonderful bowl of noodles that you should try and make.


Chinese style noodles (Yet Ca Mein) cooking:
1. In a cupboard, take out a large pan or pot. Fill up with cold water, the quantity
Chinese style noodles that you would need.
2. Turn on the stove to high heat.
3. Put a bit of salt in the water and stir to mix in the water.
4. Put the lid on the pan or pot and wait until the water is boil,
5. Once the water is boil, pour in the noddles in the pan or pot and stir.
6. Close the lid and wait until the noddles boil at medium heat for about
7-10 min.
7. Once it is boil stir it a few times, so that it will not stick
8. Close the lid and cook it for another 5 min or until it boil with bubble.
9. When it boil with bubble. Open the lid and take a piece of pasta out and taste to
see if it is tender.
10. If the Pasta is not tender, let it cook for a bit more longer until you taste the pasta is tender.
11. When the pasta is cook to the tender texture. Take a strainer and put it in the sink and
pour the pasta in the strainer.
12. Rinse the pasta for 2-3 min with cold water.
14. Take come cold water in a pan and put the noodles back in the pan or pot and then
put it in a strainer to losing the noodles. Easier to take it out.

Washing Chinese broccoli:
1. Take the package of Chinese broccoli out of the fridge.
2. In the cupboard take out a strainer and a big container to
wash the Chinese broccoli.
3. Place the large container in the sink. Take the strainer and place it
on the other sink next to it.
4. Take the Chinese broccoli out of the package and place it in the big container.
5. Separate each Chinese broccoli pieces apart. Use a knife and cut off the end hard part.
7. Open each Chinese broccoli wide wash it in the water very clean, make sure there are no dirty stuff
in the vegetable.
6. Open the cold water and fill it up. Take the end part of the mustard green on each hands. turn it upside down and separate apart and shake it in water.
(note: Make sure all the dirty stuff is out and each vegetable is clean.)
7. Each time a pieces is wash, place it in the strainer.
8. Fill the container with water and wash the Chinese broccoli 3-4 times and put it aside
(Note: make sure it is all clean and have no dirty stuff.)

Cooking Direction:
1. In the cupboard take out a pot or a large pan.
2. Place on the stove.
3. Pour 5-6 cups of cold water into the pot or a large pan. If there is not enough water then you can add more.
(note: Add just the right amount of water that you need to boil the Chinese broccoli.)
6. Turn on the heat to high and cover the lid.
7. Wait for about 10-15 minutes or until the water is boiling
8. When the water is boiling ready, add the Chinese broccoli into the pot or a large pan and cover the lid.
(Note: Make sure all the Chinese broccoli pieces are in the water and nothing is sticking out.)
9. When the water is boiling ready, add the Chinese broccoli into the pot or a large pan and cover the lid for a little a bit.
(Note: Make sure all the Chinese broccoli pieces are in the water and nothing is sticking out.)
10. Wait for it boil up. Once the water is boiling up, leave the lid open.
(Note: Keeping the lid open will prevent the vegetable from being not so greenly.)
11. When the Chinese broccoli is boiling again. Let it sit and cook in the boiling water for little bit.
(note: if you like the broccoli to be hard then do not need to cook longer. If you want it to be tender then let it cook a bit longer.
12. Once they are ready. Turn off the heat and place all the Chinese broccoli on a plate and place it on the table.

Making the bowl of Chinese style noodles (Yet-Ca-Mein):
1. Take a clean bowl
2. Put as much noodles that you will eat into the bowl.
3. Put it in the microwave and heat it up for 3 minutes
(Note: Different microwave wattage heating time is different.)
4. When it is readym take it out of the microwave.
5. Put in 2-3 pieces of chinese broccoli. If the Chinese broccoli’s are to long to eat, you can use a pair of sisscors and cut into pieces.
6. Take a package of seaweed and break into 2-3 square shape or into pieces which ever you like and place it into the bowl.
7. If you like you can add some boiling water or just eat it like that with some soya sauce , so it will not taste so dry when you eat.
8. Enjoy.