Rice cooker – Boiled Marinated Soya Sauce Tofu

This is a boiled marinated soya sauce tofu. A Chinese dish. It’s very delicious and simple to make. Look at how it is coated with the marinated soya sauce. With some sauce on the plate after putting the tofu on the plate. I decide to use tofu to have something different using the boiled marinated soya sauce. At the bottom, I have the recipe how to make the boiled marinated soya sauce tofu.
With the rice cooker of soya sauce, if you don’t finish it, you can freeze it in the freezer and use it next time. The rice cooker of soya sauce can be made with pork or chicken instead of tofu. With this sauce, you can make different variety of food, out of this marinated soya sauce and have a lot to eat.
Kids and adults would like this boiled marinated soya sauce tofu. The best combination that goes well would be with rice. With the tofu and sauce, that you can mix in with the rice. You can have this for lunch and dinner. Once you eat this soya sauce tofu, you will know how amazing this tofu would taste. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Half cup dark soya sauce
light soya sauce
6 cups of water
3-4 pieces of cloves
Garlic powder
pinch of salt

Cooking soya sauce:
1. Take out a slow cooker. Place the rice cooker on the table.
2. Pour in half a cup of dark soya sauce into a rice cooker. Then pour 6 cups of water.
3. Take a clean bowl and put 3-4 pieces of cloves. Put some water over the cloves.
4. Put it in the microwave for 1 minute.
(Note: Different wattage microwave heating time can be different.)
5. Take it out of the microwave and put it in the rice cooker.
6. In the rice cooker, add in garlic powder, sugar, salt and light soya sauce.
7. Turn on the heat on high. Cook the soya sauce for 10 minutes or until it is boiling.
8. When it is boiling, turn off the heat and taste the soya sauce. If the taste is right, that means it is ready to use.

Preparing the tofu:
1. Take 1 pack of firm tofu out of the fridge.
2. Open the package, drain all the water into the sink.
3. Rinse all the tofu.
4. Place the tofu on a cutting board, and cut all the tofu into square pieces.
(Note: Make sure all the tofu, are cut into the same size.)

Cooking the Boiled Marinated Soya Sauce with Tofu:
1. Put the Tofu in a rice cooker. 
2. Cook until the marinated soya sauce tofu starts to boil.
3. Once it is boil, press the button up.
4. Let the tofu cook in the boiling soya sauce for 10 -15 minutes.
5. When it’s ready, unplug the slow cooker.
6. Leave the tofu in the boiled marinated soya sauce until you are ready to eat.
7. Now it is ready to eat.
8. Be-careful scooping up the tofu because it can easily break.
9. Place all the tofu onto a plate and set it on the table.
10. Enjoy.

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