Steam frozen sole fish top with onions and ginger

This steam frozen sole fish is very delicious and simple to marinate and steam. It does not require any cleaning. There are no bones inside the sole fish. Steaming the sole fish is fast.
The meat inside is very good and tasty. The best combination would be rice with all the sauce and fish you can mix in the rice.
Kids and adults would love this sole fish since it does not have any bone. Steaming the sole fish is very healthy. I like the sole fish a lot. You can have this fish for lunch or dinner. It is best to eat the whole fish on the same day fresh. Once you eat it, you will love this fish a lot. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Marinate the frozen sole fish:
1. Take the frozen sole fish out of the freezer.
2. Open the package and take as much frozen sole fish out of the package as you need to cook. Remove from package.
3. Separate the frozen sole fish on the cutting board.
4. Sprinkle some salt, garlic powder, pour some light soya sauce and rub all over. 
5. Put some flour and coated it everywhere on the sole fish.
6. Use a tong and flip the sole fish over and repeat the same steps.
7. When it is all marinated, Place all the frozen sole fish onto a large plate for steaming.

Preparing of the onions and ginger:
1. Take an onion, peel the skins.
2. Place it on the cutting board. Cut it in half. Place it on the side and cut it into slices.
3. Put the onions in a bowl and set them aside.
4. Take ginger. Use a spoon and peel the skin.
5. Take a knife and cut a couple of slices of ginger.
6. Put the gingers in a bowl and set them aside.

Cooking process:

Steaming the frozen sole fish:

1. In the cupboard, take a steamer pot and place it on the stove.
2. Fill the steam pot with some water.
3. Put the steamer tray on top of the steamer pot and close the lid.
4. Turn on the heat to high
5. Wait until the water starts to boil.
6. While waiting, put a some oil on top of the sole fish.
7. Put a couple of pieces of onions and gingers on top of the sole fish.
8. When the water starts boiling, open the lid. Take a plate clipper to grab the plate of sole fish, or put on a pair of kitchen mittens.
9. Place the plate sole fish into the steamer and steam it for 7 minutes.
10. When it is ready, turn off the heat. Use a plate clipper or a pair of kitchen mittens and take the plate of sole fish out of the steam. Place it on the table.
101. Enjoy.

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