Chicken with Chinese mushroom and ginger topped with scallions

This steamed chicken with Chinese mushroom and ginger topped with scallions is very delicious and simple to make. The only thing that took the longest was cleaning the chicken legs and cutting them into pieces. You can find the Chinese mushroom at a Chinese supermarket.
An instant pot to make Chinese mushrooms will be so simple and save you less time rather than making it on the stove. I decided to use four chicken legs and cut the meat into pieces. The leftover chicken bones can be wrapped with a plastic wrapper and put in the freezer to make soup since there is still a bit of meat on it.
Before steaming the chicken meat, marinate it with some salt, garlic powder and a bit of light soya sauce, cornstarch and flour. Cornstarch and flour have to be coated everywhere on the chicken meat and mix. Use a slice cutter and cut the ginger into strip pieces and the Chinese mushroom cut into pieces.
To make the plate. Put the chicken meat onto the plate. Take the Chinese mushroom and put it on top of the chicken meat. Use a tong and mix the chicken and Chinese mushroom, so you have some at the bottom and the top.
Put some water on the steamer and turn the heat to high. When the water starts boiling, put the chicken with Chinese mushroom and ginger into the steamer. Steam it for 25 minutes. Once it’s ready. Ensure there is no redness or pink showing. Then take a knife or a fork, insert it into the chicken, and see if it goes through. Once it goes through, that means it is ready. Take it out of the steamer and topped some scallions.
Kids and adults will love this dish a lot. You can have this for lunch or dinner. The best combination with this dish is rice, with all the Chinese chicken, Chinese mushroom and gingers you can mix it in with the rice. If you cannot finish it, you can put it in the fridge and have it the next day. Once you eat it, it will taste so good that you want to have more. This will be a good dish to make. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Cooking Chinese mushrooms in an instant pot.
1. Take an instant pot and put it on the table.
2. Plug the plug.
3. Put some water. The amount you need to cook the Chinese mushroom.
4. In the cupboard, take the package of Chinese dry mushrooms. |
5. Take as much dry mushroom as needed to cook, put it in a strainer and rinse the mushrooms.
6. Pour it into the instant pot and close the lid.
7. Press the manual button and set the time to 12 minutes.
8. Once 15-minute finish. It will release the pressure of the value.
9. (Note: Don’t open the pressure cooker lid while it is pressuring-cooking or else it will explode.)
10. Once done and the gray thing drops to the bottom, that means it is ready. Open the lid
11. Taste a piece of Chinese mushroom to check if it is the desired texture.
12. If you prefer tender, pour out the water and Chinese mushroom into a strainer.
13. Fill the instant pot with water. Pour the Chinese mushroom back into the instant pot.
14. Press the saute button, and it will manually turn on and cook itself.
15. When the water starts boiling, press the cancel button. Place the lid back on the instant pot and leave it to soak in the water for 30 minutes.
16. When 30 minutes are up, it will be tender.
17. Now it is ready to use.

Cleaning the chicken legs:
1. Put on a pair of dishwasher gloves.
2. Take three chicken legs out of the package.
3. Wash the chicken legs.
4. Take scissors and cut some fat skins off the chicken legs.
5. Cut off the end part of the bone.
6. Take all the dirty stuff out of the chicken.
7. Rinse the chicken legs.
8. If you still see dirty, clean it some more.
9. Put some salt all around the chicken.
10. Rub it all around, so it would not stink.
11. Rinse the chickens again.
12. Put the chicken in a mixing bowl to let the water out.
13. If you already have chicken legs in the freezer, take out the frozen chicken legs and put them in the microwave to defrost.
(Note: Different microwave wattage and defrost time can be different.)
14. Another way to defrost chicken legs from a freezer is by putting them in the fridge overnight thaw.

Cutting the chicken legs:
1. Put on some dishwasher gloves.
2. Place the chicken legs on the cutting board.
3. Cut off all the skins from the chicken legs.
4. Cut all the chicken leg meats off the chicken and cut them into pieces.
(Note: if you see big pieces cut them into pieces.
5. Put it all into a bowl and set it aside.

Marinate the chicken meat:
1. Take the mixing bowl of chicken meat.
2. Sprinkle some salt, garlic powder and pour a bit of soya sauce.
3. Use a fork and mix it all.
4. Put in some cornstarch and mix well.
(Note: Make sure all the cornstarch is coated everywhere.)
5. Put some flour in some flour and mix. If there are spots missing without flour, add a bit and mix.
(Note: Make sure all the flour-coated everywhere)
6. When it is all mixed, put it aside.

1. In an instant pot, take out as many Chinese mushrooms as needed and place it on a cutting board.
2. Cut the Chinese mushrooms into pieces and put them directly onto a strainer.
3. Take the strainer and rinse the Chinese mushrooms and set it aside.
4. Take ginger. Use a spoon and peel the skins.
5. Use a slice cutter and slice the ginger into strip pieces and set it aside.

Making the plate of chicken meat with Chinese mushroom and ginger:
1. Take a large steamer plate.
2. Pour the marinated chicken into the plate.
3. Pour the cut-up Chinese mushrooms on top of the chicken meat.
4. Use a tong and mix the chicken and Chinese mushrooms so that some are at the bottom and top.
5. Put some sliced strips of ginger everywhere on top of the chicken and Chinese mushrooms and set the plate on the side.

Steaming the chicken with Chinese mushrooms and ginger:
1. In the cupboard, take out a portable steamer or a pot. Place it on the stove or the table.
2. Put in some water and turn on the heat to high.
3. Place a steamer tray on the steamer and close the lid.
4. Once the water is boiling, open the lid. Use a plate clipper or kitchen mittens. Place the chicken with Chinese mushrooms and ginger into the steamer tray. Close the lid.
5. Steam the chicken with Chinese mushrooms and ginger for 25 minutes.
6. When the time is ready, use a knife or a fork and insert it into the chicken. If it goes through, it’s ready. If it’s not, it needs to cook a little bit longer.
(Note: Ensure there are no pink or red colours)
7. When they are ready, take a plate clipper or kitchen mittens and take the chicken with Chinese mushrooms and ginger out of the steamer. Place it on the table.
8. In the fridge, take out some scallions. Rinse the scallions.
9. Cut it into small pieces and put some scallions on top.
10. Enjoy the steamed chicken with Chinese mushrooms and ginger.