Chicken burger with lettuce and grapes on side plate

This chicken burger is very delicious and simple to make. I used the breaded chicken burger from the Giant Tiger brand.
The oven has to be pre-heated before baking the breaded chicken burger. Prepare a baking tray with parchment paper. Depending on how many people are eating, bake as much as you need. Put it in the oven and bake for 18 minutes. At halftime, flip the burgers over and bake till the end of the timing. Leave it in the oven until you are ready to eat. Leaving it in the oven will keep it warm, and it will not get cold.
I decided to use a hamburger bun. When you use a hamburger bun, it looks like a chicken burger. I heat it in the oven to make it crunchy and hot and taste better.
At the burger at the bottom, I put some mustard and spread it around. 3-4 pieces of lettuce. Pour some ketchup on the top. Then I added the breaded chicken burger. Pour some ketchup all around the breaded chicken burger. On the top of the hamburger bun I put some mayonnaise and spread it around. I place the top bun on top of the breaded chicken burger. If you do not like the ingredient I have in my burger, you can put any ingredient of your desire choice in the chicken burger. Now you have a chicken burger.
I took a mid-size plate. Place the chicken burger onto a plate. On the side, I added some lettuce and grape as a side dish. It looks very delicious. Make sure you do not let the chicken burger sit too long on the plate, or it will be cold. If the burger gets cold, you can heat it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds. Make sure the bun does not get dry.
Kids and adults would love this chicken burger. Kids can also have fun creating their chicken burgers with an adult’s help in putting the ingredients in for them. You can have this chicken burger for lunch or dinner. Putting some lettuce and grapes on the side dish will make it look nicer.
Making a chicken burger is a simple food that everyone can make when you know what you want in the chicken burger. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Breaded chicken burger (Giant Tiger brand):
1. Preheat oven at 350F (190 degrees)
2. Take the frozen breaded chicken burger out of the freezer.
3. Open the package and take as many burgers as needed to eat.
4. Take a baking tray. Put some parchment paper.
5. Put the frozen burgers onto a baking tray,
6. When the oven is very hot, open the oven and put the baking tray into the oven.
7. Bake the Chicken burger for 18 minutes.
8. When it is 9 minutes. Flip the burger over.
9. Bake the breaded chicken burger until the oven finishes baking.
10. Once finished. Leave the breaded chicken burger in the oven until you are ready to eat.

Hamburger bun:
1. Take the package of a hamburger bun,
2. Take a hamburger bun
3. Separate the hamburger bun apart.
4. Put it in the oven and heat it for 3-5 minutes.
(Note: Make sure that the bun is not overcooked, or it will become hard.)
5. Once ready, take it out and set it aside.

Preparing the lettuce:
1. Take the package of lettuce and remove the wrapper.
2. Rinse the lettuce.
3. Remove the outer part of the lettuce.
(Note: if it’s dirty, you need to wash it 3 times.)
4. Take a knife and remove any red colour or not-good colour directly into the garbage.
5. Place the lettuce on the cutting board and cut it in half.
6. Separate the lettuce apart as many as you need to eat,
8. Rinse the lettuce and put it into a bowl and set it aside.

Making the chicken burger :

1. Take out a cutting board.
2. Place the bottom and top buns on the cutting board.
3. Take the bottle of mustard and squeeze some on the bottom bun.
4. Use a knife and spread it around.
4. Put a couple of lettuce.
5. Take the bottle of ketchup and squeeze some on the top of the lettuce.
6. Use a tong and put the chicken burger on top of the ketchup.
7. Put mayonnaise on the top bun and spread it around.
8. Put some ketchup on top of the chicken burger
9. Put the top bun together.

Making the plate:
1. Take a mid-size plate
2. Put the burger on the plate
3. Take some lettuce and put it on the side.
4. Wash some grapes and put them on the side plate.
5. Now you have a chicken burger with lettuce and grapes on the side.
6. Enjoy.