Strawberry jam mini tortilla wraps with two pancakes

This is the easiest strawberry jam mini tortilla wraps with two pieces of pancakes. I use the mini tortilla wraps. I feel that the white tortilla wrap is softer than the whole wheat tortilla wraps. The white tortilla is easier to eat. I like it a lot.
I heat up two mini tortillas in an oven at 350F (190 degress) for 3-5 minutes or until it is hot. When it is ready, I take it out and place it onto a plate. I decided to use the brand Habitant strawberry jam to spread strawberry jam all around the tortilla and roll it into a wrap. If you do not like what I have in my wraps, you can put whatever you choose of your desire. When making the wrap, ensure it is tightly wrapped. I place it on both sides of the plate nicely.
Making a ready-made pancake is easier than doing home-made pancake. It saves a lot of time, and it is faster this way. You can heat them up in the morning for breakfast. It is the fastest way without having to make your homemade pancakes. You can buy the pancakes at any stores. It comes in different kinds of flavours. I decided to buy the original pancakes.
When you’re in a hurry in the morning going to work or school, this will be a choice to have at home. Fast to heat up to eat on the way to school or work.
You can put it in the oven and heat it up for 4-5 minutes. When they are ready, use a tong and take out the pancakes. Place it in the middle of the plate. One pancake slanted a bit on top of the other pancake. Pour some maple syrup on top of the pancake.
Kids and adults would love these pancakes with strawberry jam mini tortillas. Kids can have fun creating their pancakes and tortillas with their favourite decorations with the help of an adult. You can have pancakes and strawberry jam mini tortillas in the morning or a snack during the afternoon. Once you buy the already made pancake, you will know how simple and fast. Also, making mini tortillas with strawberry jam is also fast and easy. Both saves a lot of time and a very fast breakfast meal you can make. I really like this breakfast dish a lot. Give this a try and see if you like it. Enjoy.

Making the mini tortilla with strawberry jam:
1. Take the package of mini tortilla.
2. Open the package.
3. Put 2 mini tortillas into the oven,
4. Heat the mini tortilla’s at 350F (190 degrees) for 3-5 minutes or until it is hot.
5. When the totilla’s are ready, place it on to a plate.
6. Take the Habitant strawberry jam out of the fridge.
7. Open the jam. Use a knife and spread the strawberry Jam on the mini tortilla.
8. Roll the mini torilla.
(Note: Make sure it is roll tight together.)
9. Place it on the side of the plate.
10. Repeat the same steps for the other mini torilla.
11. When done, place it on the other side of the plate.

Making the pancake:
1. Take the package of pancakes
2. Remove pancakes from the package and place them in the oven.
3. Heat the pancakes at 350F (190 degrees) for 2-3 minutes or until it is hot
4. Once it’s ready, Use a tong and take the pancake out and place it on the middle of the plate.
5. Place the other pancake slanted a bit on the other pancake
6. Pour some maple syrup on the top of the pancake.
7. Enjoy.

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