Boiled Chinese chrysanthemum with pork

This is a Chinese chrysanthemum with pork. It is very delicious and simple to make. I decided to put some pork with the chrysanthemum in the bowl to brighten up the colour in the bowl. Having pork with the chrysanthemum vegetable, you can have more variety to eat. This time I boiled them in a large pan together. At the bottom I have the recipe on how to prepare and boil the Chinese chrysanthemum with pork. Chinese chrysanthemum can be found at a Chinese supermarket.
Kids and adults would love this dish. It is very delicious, and I like this dish a lot. The perfect combination that goes well with boiled Chinese chrysanthemum with pork would be noddles or rice. Whatever you choose as your desire. I prefer eating it with rice because It will taste so good mixing in with the rice. If you prefer noodles, the water that is left in the large pan, you can use it for a base soup noodles. This is a very good dish to make. If you have no idea what to cook, you can consider making this bowl. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Preparing the pork:
1. Take the pork package, use a tong take as many as you needed and put it on the cutting board.
2. The rest is leftover. Wrap it with a plastic wrapper and put it in the freezer.
3. If you already have pork in the freezer, take the pork out of the freezer, put it in the microwave to defrost.
(Note: Different microwave wattage and defrosting time can be different.)
4. Put on some dishwasher gloves.
5. Take a knife and cut the pork into pieces. Put it into a bowl and set it aside.
(Note: Make sure all the pork pieces are cut into the same size. To boil and finish at the same time.)

Marinating the pork:
1. Take the bowl of pork and a tong.
2. Sprinkle some salt and mix. Put a lot of garlic powder and a bit of soya sauce together, and mix well.
3. Put some cornstarch. Mix until you do not see any more cornstarch.
(Note: Make sure all the cornstartch is coated in the pork.)
4. Put some flour. Mix until you do not see any more flour.
(Note: Make sure all the flour is coated everywhere in the pork.)
5. If you do not coat the pork with flour, it will taste soggy.
6. When it is all mixed, set the bowl aside.

Washing Chinese chrysanthemum:
1. Take the package of Chinese chrysanthemum vegetable out of the fridge.
2. In the cupboard take out a strainer and a big container to wash the Chinese chrysanthemum vegetable.
3. Place the large container in the sink. Take the strainer and place it on the other sink next to it.
4. Take the Chinese chrysanthemum vegetable out of the package and place it in the big container.
5. Separate each Chinese chrysanthemum vegetable pieces apart.
6. Use a knife and cut off the end hard part.Open each Chinese chrysanthemum vegetable wide wash it in the water very clean, make sure there are no dirty stuff in the vegetable.
7. Open the cold water and fill it up. Take the end part of the Chinese chrysanthemum vegetable on each hands. turn it upside down and separate apart and shake it in water.
(note: Make sure all the dirty stuff is out and each vegetable is clean.)
8. Each time a pieces is wash, place it in the strainer.
Fill the container with water and wash the Chinese chrysanthemum vegetable 3-4 times and put it aside
(Note: make sure it is all clean and have no dirty stuff.)

Boiling the pork and Chinese chrysanthemum:

1. In the cupboard take out a pot or a large pan.
2. Place on the stove.
3. Pour some cold water into the pot or a large pan.
6. Turn on the heat to high and cover the lid.
7. Wait for about 10-15 minutes or until the water is boiling
8. When the water is boiling ready, add the Chinese chrysanthemum vegetable into the pot or a large pan and cover the lid for a little a bit.
(Note: Make sure all the Chinese chrysanthemum vegetable pieces are in the water and nothing is sticking out.)
9. When the Chinese chrysanthemum boil up again, take the lid off.
(Note: Keeping the lid open will prevent the vegetable from having a not-good colour.)
8. When the Chinese chrysanthemum vegetable is boiling again. Let it sit and cook in the boiling water for little bit.
10. Once they are ready. Take a tong and place all the Chinese chrysanthemum vegetable on to a plate.
11. Put the marinated pork into the large pan of boiling water.
12. Boil the pork for 4 minutes,
13. When the pork is all boiled to well-done. Turn off the heat. Use a tong and place all the pork into the same bowl as the Chinese chrysanthemum.
14. enjoy!!!!