Baked wild rose salmon topped with red onions

A rose salmon topped with sliced onions is simple to make. When you come home from work, and you want to make something fast to eat. A rose salmon can be a choice to make because all you do is marinate it and bake it. If it does not have any scales to scrape off, it can save time.
When you buy this frozen rose salmon, it comes in a big package. The salmon is mid-size, not very big. As usual, it has two in the package.
There is usually nothing to clean. There might be a slight bit of some scales to scrape off. Sometimes there would be none, and you don’t even need to clean anything.
Take a baking tray and prepare parchment paper. Place the salmon on the baking tray. I added a bit of oil on the parchment paper, so the salmon will not stick. Before baking the salmon, pre-heat the oven before you bake the salmon.
While it is pre-heating, you can marinate the salmon with some garlic powder, salt and a bit of soya sauce. I added some sliced red onions on top of the salmon to look nicer. If you do not like the ingredients that I have, you put whatever you like.
Put it in the pre-heat oven and bake it for 17 minutes. When it is done. Take it out of the oven and place it on the table. It is such simple and easy food to make. Once you make salmon a lot, you will know how fast and easy this salmon can be made.
Kids and adults would love this salmon. You can have this for lunch or dinner. The best combination with this salmon is rice. It will taste so good and delicious. This kind of salmon does not contain any bones. I really like this salmon a lot. You can also have this salmon with some vegetables as a side dish and bread.
You can also use the salmon to make a sandwich with some lettuce and tomatoes. I will taste very good and delicious. This can be another way of eating salmon. Try making this salmon, and you will like it a lot. This is really fast food you can make at home. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Cleaning the rose salmon:
If the salmon is very clean and does not have any scales to scrape off then
you can skip this step.
1. Take the package of rose salmon out of the freezer.
2. Open the package. Take the rose salmon out of the package.
3. Rinse the rose salmon with hot water.
4. Take the salmon and scrape off all the scales.
5. Rinse the salmon.

Preparing the red onions:
1. In the bag, take an onion and place it on the cutting board. Cut off the two ends.
2. Peel the skins, and cut the onion in half.
3. Place the onion on the side and cut it into slice of pieces.
3. Place the sliced pieces of onions into a bowl and set them aside.

Marinating the salmon:
1. Take a baking tray.
2. Put a parchment paper.
3. Place the salmon on the baking tray.
(Note: Do not add any oil on the baking tray. When baking the salmon, you will see the oil coming out from the bottom.)
4. Sprinkle some salt, garlic powder and a bit of soya sauce on both sides.
5. Put some sliced onions on top of the salmon.

Baking the salmon:
1. Pre-heat the oven at 350F (180 degrees) until it is hot.
2. Put the baking tray of salmon into the a pre-heat oven.
3. Bake it for 17 minutes.
4. When the time is ready, You can leave it in the oven until
you are ready to eat, to keep the salmon warm.)
5. Once you are ready to eat, Use a kitchen mitten and take out the tray of salmon and place
it on the table.
6. Enjoy.

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