Boiled chicken legs (using an old rice cooker with a congee function)

Boiled chicken legs are so simple to make, and it does not take long. I decided to use an old style rice cooker with a congee fuction to cook the chicken legs. I did not marinate anything. I just put it in the boiling water and boil the chicken legs.
All you need to do is wash and clean the chicken legs. Take off all the dirty stuff off the chicken until it is clean. Fill the slow cooker with water. Put some ginger and onions into the slow cooker. Place the chicken legs into the rice cooker with a congee function. Turn on to low heat and cook for 7 minutes or until the steam comes out. Then turn to low heat. Cook for another 25 minutes. Use scissors and cut a piece of it to check if it’s all well-done. If you see no blood or pink showing, that means it is ready.
Kids and adults would love these boiled chicken legs. It’s healthy and very delicious. I like it a lot. You can have these chicken for lunch or dinner. The best combination that goes well with this dish is rice or noodles. Another way of eating the chicken leg is cutting off all the meat and make a chicken salad. It is very healthy and delicious. If you can not finish. You can leave it in the fridge to eat the next day. This is a really simple dish to make. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Cleaning the chicken legs:
1. Put on a pair of dishwasher gloves.
2. Take the chicken out of the package.
3. Wash the chicken.
4. Take scissors and cut some fat skins off the chicken legs.
5. Cut off the end part of the bone.
6. Take all the dirty stuff out of the chicken.
7. Rinse the chicken.
8. If you still see dirty, clean it some more.
9. Put some salt all around the chicken.
10. Rub it all around, so it would not stink.
11. Rinse the chicken again.
12. Put the chicken in a mixing bowl to let the water out.
13. If you already have chicken legs in the freezer, take out the frozen chicken legs and put it in the microwave to defrost.
(Note: Different microwave wattage and defrost time can be different.)


1. Take a ginger. Peel the skins.
2. Cut 7-8 pieces of ginger into slices.
3. In the bag, take onions and peel the skins.
4. Place the onion on a cutting board. Put it on the side and cut into round pieces.

Cooking process:
1. Take out a rice cooker that has a congee function. Plug in the plug
2. Fill the rice cooker with water. The amount you need to cook the chicken legs.
3. Put 6 pieces of sliced ginger into the rice cooker.
4. Put on the dishwasher gloves.
5. Rinse the 3 chicken legs.
6. Put it into the slow cooker.
7. Put some onions into the slow cooker.
8. Turn on to rice cooker. Cook for 7 minutes or until the slow cooker steam starts to come out.
9. When the slow cooker starts to have steam coming out, turn it to slow cook.
10. Cook for another 25 minutes.
(Note: Do not over cook the chicken, or it will become tough.)
11. When 25 minutes are ready. Take a piece of chicken out of the slow cooker. Use a pair of scissors and cut to check if there is any blood or pink inside. If it’s not ready, that means you need to cook it a bit longer.
12. Once ready. Use a tong and take out all the chicken legs and place it on a plate and set it on the table.
13. Enjoy.