Boiled yu choy

This yu choy is very delicious and easy to make. The yu choy came out perfectly after boiling from a large pan. Look at how green and beautiful it is. It brightens the colour of the dish. I like this dish a lot. You can buy yu choy at a Chinese supermarket.
This is a perfect combination dish that goes well with noddles or rice. Which ever you choose as your desire. The yu choy is a very healthy vegetable to eat. It is good for the body and eyes. If you’re a vegetarian person, then this will be a perfect yu choy dish to make at home. I only has vegetable with no meat, oil or salt. A healthy way of making a Yu choy.
The boiling vegetable is very healthy. After boiling the yu choy with the water left in the large pan, you can drink it as soup. It saves time in making a soup. It’s a delicious dish that you can make. It does not take long and you will enjoy this yu choy vegetable. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Washing Yu Choy:
1. Take the package of yu choy out of the fridge.
2. In the cupboard, take out a strainer and a big container to wash the yu choy.
3. Place the large container in the sink. Take a strainer and place it on the other sink.
4. Take the yu choy out of the package and place it in the big container.
5. Separate each yu choy apart. Use a knife and cut off the end hard part.
6. Open each yu choy wide and wash it in the water very clean, make sure there is no dirty stuff in the vegetable.
7. Open the cold water and fill the container with water. Take the end part yu choy on each hand. Turn it upside down and separate apart and shake it in the water.
(Note: Make sure all the dirty stuff is out and each vegetable is clean.)
8. Each time a piece is washed, place it in the strainer.
9. Fill the container with water and wash the yu choy four times. when it’s all wash, put it aside.
(Note: make sure it is all clean and have no dirty stuff.)

Cooking Direction:
1. In the cupboard, take out a large pan.
2. Place it on the stove.
3. Pour some water into the large pan. If there is not enough water, then you can add more.
(note: Add just the right amount of water that you need to boil the yu choy.)
4. Turn on the heat to high and cover the lid.
5. Wait until the water is boiling.
6. When the water is boiling, add the yu choy into a large pan and cover the lid.
(Note: Make sure all the yu choy are on the water and nothing is sticking out.)
8. Just wait for it to boil up. Once the water is boiling up, open the lid and keep the lid off.
(Note: Keeping the cover off will prevent the vegetable from being not having a good colour.)
9. When the yu choy is boiling again. Leave it on the water for two more minutes. 
(Note: Do not cook the yu choy too long, it will not stay greenly.)
12. Once it’s ready, turn off the heat and place all the yu choy on a plate and place it on the table.
13. Enjoy.

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