Steamed eggs

Preparing the steam egg mixture:
1. Take out 5 eggs from the fridge. Crack it in a bowl and beat it
2. Pour the egg in a measuring cup, to see how much water you need to put.
3. Put in the same amount of water as the egg measurement. Then put another
half water.
4. beat the bowl of eggs well
5. Put in some soya sauce, oil and salt
6. Mix it well, without any egg yolk or white in the bottom.

Steam the eggs:
1. Take out a large pan. Put some water into the pan and a steamer rack.
2. Turn the heat to high.
3. Wait until the water starts boiling.
4. When the water starts boiling, put the place of steam eggs in the steamer.
5. Turn the heat to medium.
6. Do not close the lid. Let it open a bit by holding it with a chopstick or wooden spoon.
7. Cook it for 10-12 min on medium low heat.
8. When it is ready use a knife or chopsticks and feel the center.
If it does not crack that means it is good and ready.
9. Use a kitchen mitten or a plate clipper and take out the steam eggs and put it in the table.
10. Wash some green onions. Place it onto a cutting board and cut the onions into pieces.
11. Sprinkle some green onions on top of the steam eggs.
12. Enjoy.

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