Two rib eye steaks

An easiest pan-fried two rib eye steaks you can make. When pan frying the steaks, you can see the juice coming out. The steaks smell so good that makes you very hungry.
You can pan-fried the steak the way you like it weather it’s rare, medium-rare, medium well done or well done. I like my steak to be well done because eating too much steak that is rare it’s not good. If you know how to pan-fried the rib eye steaks, you will have a tender meat and it will taste delicious and very good.
When buying rib eye steaks, it usually comes in 4 pieces in a pack or 2 in a pack. It all depends on how the store is packed in the package. When you press on the meat, it feels so tender and looks tasty.
The best combination that goes well with the steak would be rice. Adults and kids would love this food because once you put it in your mouth, you would want to have more and more. Try my recipe and you will enjoy the rib eye steak.

1. Take the steak out of the package.
2. scrap off any fat on the steak
3. put it on a plate
4. Marinate the steak with salt, onion powder,
and garlic powder
5. Flip the steak on the other side and repeat
step number 4 again.
6. Take fry pan out of the cupboard and put it on the stove.
7. Turn on the stove to medium heat
8. Put a bit of oil on the pan and spread it around the pan.
9. When the pan is hot, put the steak in the frying pan.
10. wait for 4-5 min and then turn it on the other side.
and cook for 4-5 min again
12. If you think the meat is not done yet. You can cook
the steak a big longer
13. When the steak is ready, put it on the plate
14. Enjoy!!!!

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