Boiled zucchini (using a rice cooker)

This boiled zucchini is very simple and cooks fast. You can use a slice cutter and slice the zucchini the night before and put it in a plastic bag and place it in the fridge. I decided to slice the zucchini into round shapes. Easier to cook. The cooking time is really fast.
I decided to use a rice cooker. Put some water inside and wait until the water starts boiling. When the water starts boiling, open the lid and pour all the slices of zucchini in the rice cooker. Cook for one minute because it will be some pieces will be a bit crunchy and some tender. When done, scoop it all up into a bowl and place it on the table.
Kids and adults would love this dish a lot. It is very healthy and does not contain salt or oil. Boiling vegetables is the healthiest way of cooking. You can have this for lunch or dinner. The best combination that will be with this bowl of zucchini will be noodles or rice. I prefer eating it with rice because rice is one of my favorite food. I really like this bowl of zucchini a lot. It is one of my favorite bowl. When you make a lot, you can have it throughout the day. When you want to make something fast to eat, zucchini will be the best choice when it is sliced into round pieces and cooked in a rice cooker for 1 minute. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Preparation of the zucchini:
1. In the fridge, take 2 pieces of zucchini. If you feel that the zucchini is slippy, rinse with water and rub the zucchini with a cloth.
2. Place the zucchini on the cutting board and cut off 2 end parts.
3. Take 1 zucchini. Take a slice cutter. Make sure the knife is attached to the slice cutter.
4. Slice the zucchini into round piece directly into a mixing bowl.
5. Take another zucchini and repeat the same steps.
(Note: Make sure all the zucchini are slice into the same size. )
6. Set the bowl of zucchini aside.

Cooking Direction:
1. In the cupboard take out a rice cooker.
2. plug in the plug.
3. Put in some water.
4. Press the rice cooker button to rice cook.
5. When the water starts boiling, pour in the bowl of sliced zucchini.
6. Boil the zucchini for 1 minute.
(Note: Keep an eye on the zucchini because they cook really fast)
7. Once ready, Use a tong and put all the zucchini into a bowl and place it on the table.
8. Enjoy.