A wrap with pieces of soya sauce chicken with cabbage chicken pieces

This wrap is so simple and delicious to make. I decide to put some soya sauce chicken and cabbage with chicken pieces. At the bottom I have the recipe how to make the soya sauce chicken and the cabbage with
chicken pieces, if you decided to put these in your wraps. If you do not like what I have in my wraps, you can put what ever you choose of your desire. When making the wrap make sure it is wrap tight without anything falling apart. Kids and adults would love these wraps. Kids can also have fun creating there own wraps, with a help of a adult wrapping it for them. You can have these wraps for lunch, dinner or at work. If you have some left over food for the wraps, you can put it in the fridge and have them the next day. Wraps are the easiest food to make, when you know what you want to put in the wraps. Try the recipe and enjoy!!!!

Direction Cleaning Chicken legs:
1. Put on a pair of dish washer gloves
2. Take the chicken out of the package
3. wash the chicken.
4. Take a scissors and cut out some of the fatty skins from the chicken
mostly from the butt part.
5. Take out all the dirty stuff in chicken.
6. Rinse the chicken inside until it is clean.
7. When you see if it is still dirty clean it some more.
8. Put some some salt all around the chicken.
9. rub it all around, so it would not stink.
10. Rinse the chicken again.
11. put the chicken in a plastic bowl to let the water out.

Dark soya sauce
light soya sauce
some water
3-4 pieces of cloves
Garlic powder
pinch of salt

Cooking soya sauce:
1. Take out a slow cooker or a pot. Place the slow cooker on the table or a pot on the
2. Pour in dark soya sauce into a slow cooker or a pot. The amount you need to use
for dark soya sauce.
3. Take a clean bowl and put 3-4 pieces of cloves. Put some water over the cloves.
4. Put it in the microwave for 1 minute.
5. Take it out of the microwave and put it in the slower cooker or pot.
6. In the slower cooker or pot, add in garlic powder, sugar, salt and light soya suace.
7. Turn on the heat on high. Cook the soya sauce for 10 minutes or until it is boiling.
8. When it is boiling, turn off the heat and taste the soya sauce. If you feel it is ready, that mean
the soya sauce is ready to use.

Cooking the chicken legs:
1. Put in 2-3 pieces of chicken legs in the slower cooker or pot.
2. turn on the heat and cook the chicken legs for 30-45 minutes.
3. When it is ready, take it out. use a scissors and cut in the middle and check
if it is all well cook. If you feel there are still some redness, cook it a few more minute, to
be sure it is all well done.
4. Once it is done you can eat it now.

Purple cabbage with bacon:

1. Take the cabbage out of the fridge. peel the cabbage and wash the cabbage 2 times.
2. Take a cutting board and knife and cut the cabbage into think pieces
3. In the fridge take out 2-3 pieces of bacon and cut into pieces
4. cut up some garlic into pieces.

Cooking Direction:
1. Take a pan out of the cupboard and place it on the stove.
2. Turn on the heat high. Put some oil on the pan.
4. When the pan is hot, add in some garlic and stir until it is ready.
3. Put the cabbage in the pan and stir for a few minutes
4. Add some salt, soya sauce, garlic powder,and a bit of flour.
5. Stir to combine for a few minutes.
6. Add in the bacon and continue string until the cabbage is tender,
by tasting the cabbage. Once it is tender that mean it is ready.
7. Scoop it up on to a plate and set it aside.

Making a wrap:
1. Take the package of tortilla wraps. Open the package.
2. Take out 2 pieces of tortilla wraps.
3. Place the wraps in the oven. Turn on the heat at 350F (150 degrees)
for 2-3 minutes.
(note: keep an eye on the tortilla wraps, so it will not get burn.)
4. When the tortilla wraps are ready, take it out of the oven and place it on
a plate.
5. Take a scissors and cut a couple pieces of soya sauce chickens and place it on the tortilla.
6. Scoop up a few cabbage with chicken and spread it around.
7. roll the wrap and make sure it is close tight with nothing falling apart.
8. repeat the same step for the other wrap
9. Once it is all finish. Place it on the plate and cut in an angle into 2 pieces.
10. Now you have a wrap with pieces of soya sauce chicken with cabbage chicken pieces.
11. Enjoy!!!!