Chicken egg sandwich

This chicken egg sandwich is very delicious and simple to make. I decided to use the chicken meat already made at the supermarket. It is very simple and fast.
All you need to do to fry an egg is take a non-stick pan and turn on the heat high. When the pan is hot. Put in some oil Pour the egg mixture into the frying pan. I decided to make a scramble egg. Let the eggs cook for a minute or 2. Put the heat too low. If you like, you can flip the egg over or just leave it like that. Cook it for another 3 minutes to make sure it is well done. Once done, turn off the heat and set it aside.
I decided to use rye bread. I put the bread in the oven and heat it at 350F (170 degrees) for 5 minutes. When it is ready. Use a tong and take out the rye bread immediately. Keeping the bread in the oven too long will make the bread become hard. Then put it onto a plate and set it aside.
To assemble the sandwich, I put a few pieces of chicken meat. Use a tong and put the egg on top. Put a few more pieces on top of the egg. Then I place the top bread. Place the sandwich onto a plate. Place the sandwich nicely on the plate. Now you have a chicken egg sandwich.
Kids and adults would love this sandwich. Kids can also have fun creating their sandwiches with an adult’s help in putting the ingredients in for them. You can have this sandwich for lunch or dinner. When you eat the chicken egg sandwich, it will be a delicious sandwich.
Making a sandwich is a simple food that everyone can make when you know what you want in the sandwich. Try the recipe and enjoy.


Preparing the eggs:
1. In the fridge, take out 3-4 eggs.
2. Crack the eggs into a bowl.
3. Pour a bit of milk into the egg mixture.
4. Use a teeth knife and beat the eggs.
(Note: using a teeth knife can beat the eggs evenly.)
5. When finished mixing, set the bowl of egg mixture aside.

Cooking the scrambled eggs:
1. In the cupboard, take a non-stick pan and put it on the stove.
2. Turn the heat to high.
3. When the pan is hot, put in some oil.
4. Pour a bit of egg mixture into the frying pan and turn the heat to low.
5. When one side is cook without any liquid, turn it to the other side and cook until there is no more egg liquid.
(Note: you can fold the egg and turn it to the other side.)
6. Cook until it is well done.
7. When done, pour it onto a plate.

Rye bread:
1. Take the package of a rye bread.
2. Take a rye bread
3. Separate the rye bread.
4. Put it in the oven and heat it for 5 minutes.
(Note: Make sure that the bun is not overcooked, or it will become hard.)
5. Once ready, take it out immediately and set it aside.

Making the sandwich:
1.Take out the rye bread. 
2. Place the 2 slices of bread onto a plate.
3. In the fridge, take chicken.
4. Heat it in the microwave for 1 minute. When ready take it out.
(Note: Heating time depends on your microwave wattage.)
5. Put a couple of chicken pieces of turkey on the bread.
6. Put the scramble egg on top of the chicken pieces.
7. Put some more chicken pieces on top of the scramble egg.
8. Close the top bread.
9. Now you have a chicken and egg sandwich
10. Enjoy.