Ready made pan fried meatballs

These meatballs are simple to make. When pan-frying, the meatballs you do not have to put any oil since there is oil on the meatballs already. I like eating meatballs, and they are so good. Look at how nice it is golden brown coming out after pan-frying. If you have never pan-fried the meatballs, I have the recipe on how to pan-fried the meatballs.
Kids and adults would love these meatballs a lot. When eating these meatballs, you can put them in spaghetti with some pasta sauce.
Another way of eating them is making a sandwich. You can cut them up into pieces and put them in bread with some sauce and vegetables. It will taste so delicious. You can have the meatballs for lunch or dinner. These are are the amazing meatballs that you should get and try making them. Enjoy.

1. Take out a non-stick fry pan and put it on the stove.
2. In the freezer, take out the package of meatballs
3. Turn on the heat to medium-low.
4. When the pan is hot, do not put any oil on the pan since the meatballs have oil on them already.
5. Use a tong and take out as many meatballs onto the frying fan.
6. Turn the heat to high.
7. Put some water and close the lid.
8. Wait until the water is boiling and all the water is dry up.
9. Open the lid.
10. Move the pan a few times, so the meatballs will not stick on the pan.
11. Once the water is all dried up. Pan-fried the meatballs until they are golden brown.
(Note: You need to keep an eye on the meatballs or they will get burn.)
12. When you see some that are slightly golden brown, that means they are ready.
13. When it’s all done. Turn off the heat and put the rest of the meatballs onto a glass bowl
one by one.
13. If you see some on the bottom or not golden brown, you can place it back on the frypan and
cook for a few seconds. When you see slightly golden brown, it is ready.
14. Place the meatball glass bowl on the table.
15. Now, you can enjoy these ready-made pan-fried meatballs.