Pan-fried shrimp with garlic and ginger

These pan-fried shrimp are simple to make. When making these shrimps, I use big shrimps. When buying shrimps from a supermarket. They come in different sizes and brands. I decided to use big shrimps.
All you need to do is take a package of shrimp from the freezer, open the package and take out as many pieces of shrimps you will eat and put it in the strainer. Rinse the shrimp. Put some salt on the shrimp to clean the fresh smell out of the shrimp and rinse until you see no more bubble. Open the water and soak the shrimp in running water for 10-15 minutes. When there is no more not a fresh smell. You can start to use the shrimp.
I cook the shrimps because they cook fast. I decided not to remove the shells. If you like, you can remove the shells. When cooking the shrimp, you can put seasoning of your preference because some people might like it spicy and others might not. I put some onions and ginger with the shrimps to pan-fried the shrimps. Pan-fried the shrimp on each side until they are well-done. Once done, place it onto a bowl.
Kids and adults would love these pan fried shrimps. They are very delicious. If you are allergic to shrimps, I will recommend not making this dish. You can have these shrimps with rice or noodles. It will make a good combination and taste so good. You can also add some of your favourite vegetables. Adding vegetables can have more stuff to eat in the rice or noodles. If you have never pan-fried shrimp. You can try making this dish. If you are not allergic to shrimp, try the recipe and enjoy.

Preparing the shrimp:
1. Take the package of shrimp out of the freezer.
2. Open the package and pour out as many shrimps as you need to cook on a strainer.
3. Rinse the shrimps.
4. Remove all the shells from the shrimps. (option
5. When all done. Rinse the shrimps.
6. If you smell a not fresh shrimp smell, put some salt and rinse until you see no more bubble.
7. Open some water and rinse in soak water for 10 minutes.
8. When you smell no more not fresh smell anymore, you can start to use the shrimp.

Preparing the onion and garlic:
1. In the bag, take an onion. Use a knife and peel the skins.
2. Place it on the cutting board.
3. Cut it in half. Place it on the side and cut it into slices.
4. Put the onions in a bowl and set them aside.
5. Take a mid-size blender and blend the garlic.
6. Put it into a bowl and set it aside.

Cooking process:
1. In the cupboard, take a non-stick pan and place it on the stove.
2. Turn the heat to high.
3. When the heat is hot, put in some oil.
4. Put the some blended garlic and onions into the large pan and stir until done.
5. Pour the bowl of shrimps into the large pan.
6. Stir 2-4 times.
(Note: Keep an eye on the shrimps because they cook fast.)
7. Sprinkle some salt, garlic powder and put some light soya sauce and stir to mix
8. Turn the heat to medium-low.
9. Let the shrimp sit on the frying pan and cook until golden brown.
10. Turn the shrimps over. Continue cooking until they are well done.
11. When the shrimps are well done. Turn the heat off.
12. Use a tong and put all the shrimps onto a bowl and place it on the table.
13. Enjoy.