Pan-fried hairtail fish

This frozen hairtail fish is very delicious, but it has a lot of small bones inside the fish. Some people might have a hard time eating and others may not. If you do not like eating fish that has a lot of bones inside, then this is not the kind of fish for you to eat.
There are many different ways of cooking the hairtail fish. I decided to pan-fry the hairtail fish to have a flavoured taste of fish.
To Marinating the hairtail fish will make the fish taste better. While cooking the hairtail fish, I cook each side until they are golden brown. Keep an eye on the fish so that it will not burn. Once it is done, place it on a plate and place it on the table.
This kind of fish has a lot of small bones inside. You need to be careful when eating the hairtail fish. If you have never eaten a hairtail fish, you can give it a try and see if you like it or not. When you know how to clean, marinate and steam. You can make any kind of fish. The red fish is one of my favourite fish. This is a very good fish to make. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Marinate the hairtail fish:
1. Take the frozen hairtail fish out of the freezer.
2. Open the package and take the frozen blue cod fillet out of the package.
3. Place it on the cutting board. Slowly separate the cod fillet apart and place it nicely apart on the cutting board.
4. Sprinkle some salt, garlic powder, pour some light soya sauce and rub all over. Sprinkle some paprika and turmeric.
5. Put some flour and coated it everywhere on the hairtail fish.
6. Use a tong and flip the hairtail fish over and repeat the same steps.
7. When it is all marinated, set it aside.

Cooking the hairtail fish
1. In the cupboard, take out the non-stick frying pan and place it on the stove.
2. Turn the heat to medium-low
3. When the pan is hot, put in some oil.
4. Use a tong and put all the hairtail fish into the frying pan
(Note: If the hairltail fish does not have enough space to fit in the pan, Just cut it in half and place it in the pan.)
5. Let it cook by itself on one side for 6-7 minutes or until golden brown
6. Turn the hairtail fish over and cook it for 6-7 minutes or until golden brown.
7. Sprinkle some parsley on the top of the hairtail fish.
8. If you feel the hairtail fish is well cooked that means it is ready. If it’s not, you need to cook it a bit longer.
9. Turn the heat off the frying pan and put all the blue cod fillet onto a plate and place it on the table.
10. Enjoy.

Pan fried zucchini

A pan-fried zucchini, when put into the frying pan, you can hear a sizzling sound. Each side is pan-fried until golden brown. Some people might not like to eat it hard. Once both sides are golden brown, I decided to put a bit of water and cook it until tender texture. The cooking time depends on the thickness and the size of the zucchini.
I decided to cut it into thick pieces to look nice on the plate after pan-frying to a tender texture.
It is very delicious and I like it. The pan-fried zucchini came out slightly golden brown. It might not come perfectly, but it is my first time making pan-fried zucchini.
Kids and adults would love this dish. It is very healthy and good for the eyes. If you are a vegetarian, this will be the perfect dish to make. The best combination with this dish would be rice or noodles, whichever you choose as your desire. You can have this for lunch and dinner. If you can’t finish, you can save it in the fridge to eat the next day. Once you eat it, you will know how good this is. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Preparation of the zucchini:
1. In the fridge, take 2 pieces of zucchini. If you feel that the zucchini is slippy, rinse
with water and rub the zucchini with a cloth.
2. Place the zucchini on the cutting board and cut off 2 end parts.
3. Cut the zucchini into thick or thin round pieces directly into a bowl.
(Note: Cutting it into thin round pieces makes it easier and cooks faster until it is tender.)
4. Set the bowl of zucchini aside.

Marinate the zucchini:
1. Take the bowl of zucchini.
2. Put in some salt and garlic powder. Toss the bowl of zucchini a few times to mix.
3. Put in some soya sauce and toss the bowl of zucchini to mix.
4. Pour in some flour and toss the bowl to mix. Continue adding flour and toss the bowl until everywhere is coated and mix.
5. When all done, set it aside.

Cooking process:
1. In the cupboard, take a non-stick frying pan. Rinse the pan and put it on the stove.
2. Turn the heat to medium-low.
3. When the pan is hot, put in some oil.
4. Use a tong and put the zucchini one by one into the pan.
5. Turn the heat to low.
6. Let it cook by itself for a bit.
7. When one side is golden brown, turn it over, and let it cook until it is golden brown. 
8. Pour some water into the frying pan and let it cook a bit.
9. Once the water starts boiling, take a piece of zucchini and taste if it’s tender. If it’s not, you need to cook it a bit longer.
10. If some zucchini are tender and ready, use a tong and remove it from the frying pan, and place it on a plate.
11. Once the zucchini is cook to a tender texture. Put the rest of the zucchini onto a plate and place it on the table.
12. Enjoy.