Boiled perogies bacon flavour top with some five spices (using a rice cooker)

These perogies with bacon flavour are already made from the package. The brand is from the giant tiger store. Giant tiger store is only located in canada, but not in bc. Buying from a store can save you time in making it from scratch.
All you need to do is boil in a rice cooker. Put some water in the rice cooker. Open the package and put as many perogies as you will eat in the rice cooker. Press the button down to rice cook. Boil until the water starts boiling. When it flows on the top, that means it is ready. You can wait until the water is all dried up and there are no more. Sprinkle some five spices onto the perogies. Scoop up all the perogies and put it onto a plate.
Kids and adults would love these perogies with bacon flavour. You can have it for lunch or dinner. When finished, boil in the rice cooker. You can pan-fried the perogies to have a better taste and texture. If you like, you can also eat it like that after boiling from the rice cooker. It is very delicious and tasty. I like these perogies a lot. It is one of my favourite kind of perogies. If you never ate perogies with bacon flavour, give this a try. Once you eat it, you will love it a lot. Give this recipe a try and enjoy.

1. Take package of perogies bacon flavour out of the freezer.
2. Open the package and put as many you will eat onto a bowl and set it aside,
3. In the cupboard, take out a rice cooker and plug in the plug.
4. Put in some water into the rice cooker.
5. Pour the bowl of perogies bacon flavour slowly into the rice cooker.
6. Turn the rice cooker to rice cook. Wait for the water to start boiling.
7. When the rice cooker starts boiling, open the rice cooker.
8. The perogies bacon flavour will flow on the top.
9. If it is flowing on the top, that means it is ready.
10. Wait until the water all dry up and gone.
12. Sprinkle some five spices to have a good taste.
13. Use a tong and scoop up some all the perogies bacon flavour and put it onto
a plate.
14. Enjoy.