Rice noodles rolls (Chinese steam rice noodles)

This is a Chinese Rice noodles rolls. It is my fourth time making it. It is very simple and delicious to make. It is not to difficult and it does not take a lot of time. The rice flour and potato starch can be found and bought at a Chinese supermarket.
When you spread the batter on the tray you can add whatever you like inside or you can leave it natural. Cooking process is so fast. When rolling the rice noddles, you need to use a ben scrapper, by scrapping and rolling it. You can cut it in half and roll the rice noodles or take off the whole piece from the tray and roll it all in one piece. When rolling the rice noodles, make sure it is not too thick or too thin. when it is finish rolling, place them onto a plate nicely.
You can eat it now or save these rice noddles rolls for breakfast the next day in the fridge and steam it. You can put whatever dipping sauce of your desire on the rice noddles rolls. once you make it you will like it a lot. Try the recipe and enjoy!!!

200g rice flour
20g potato starch
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp oil
550ml water

1. Use a scale and measure all the ingredients and others. Set it aside.
2. In a clean bowl put 200g rice flour, 20g potato starch and 1/4 tsp salt.
3. Stir the mixture while adding 550ml of warm water slowly. Ensure no lumps in the mixture by pressing with a spatula.
3. Mix in 2 tsp oil, then rest for 10 min.
4. take a small baking tray and smear some oil on it.
5. prepare a plastic scraper to folder the rice noodles into a roll.
6. Stir the mixture and cover the tray with a mixture.
7. Add whatever you desire in the rice noddles roll or you can leave it natural.
8. Take a wok out of the cupboard and place it on the stove. Put a steamer wire rack on the wok. Put some water and turn the heat to high.
9. When the water is boiling. place the tray in the boiling water,
10. Use a cooking soup spoon a scoop some batter into the tray. Make sure it is all cover. make sure it is not to thick.
10. Cover the lid then steam for 2 min under high heat.
11. smear some oil on a place so that the rice noodles will not stick.
12. When the rice noodles are ready, take it out and place the tray on a cutting board. Use a plastic scraper and cut it in half. Then use the scrapper and roll it into a a roll on each of the rice noodles. Place it on the plate.
13. continue the same steps until all the batter cook and roll up.
14. When it is done you can cut it into pieces with a scissors (Optional)
15. you can make your own desire sauce for dipping.
16 enjoy!!!!