Hamburger steak cut into pieces

This homemade hamburger steak cut into pieces is so simple to make. The cooking time of the hamburger steak pieces depends on the size. I decided to cut it into pieces, to have more to eat and don’t have to eat a big hamburger steak all at once.
When marinating the ground beef, It was my first time putting in the onions and mixing them to make it more flavour of the taste.
I use a non-stick pan. Place it on the stove. Turn on the heat high. Put in some oil, put all the ground beef into a non-stick pan and made it into a one hamburger patty. Using a cooking spatula and flatten the patties. While cooking, cut the hamburger steak into pieces. Cook each side for 6-7 minutes with the lid close. When it is all done. Place it onto a plate.
These hamburger steaks are very delicious. You can have these for lunch or dinner. You can put the cut hamburger steak pieces in a hamburger bun and make it as a hamburger with some salad and fries on the side. You can also have these with rice. It will taste so good. Whatever you choose as your desire.
Kids and adults would love hamburger steak. Cut it into pieces, easier for kids to eat. Once you eat it, you will know how good these cut pieces of hamburger steak will be. If you have leftovers, you can put them in the fridge and eat them the next day. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Marinate ground beef:
1. Take a clean mixing bowl.
2. In the package, take as much ground beef as you need in the bowl.
3. sprinkle a bit of salt, garlic powder and pour some soya sauce. Mix well 
4. Put in some cornstarch. Mix it until you do not see any cornstarch in the bowl.
5. Take an onion. Use a knife peeler and peel the onion skin.
6. Place it on the cutting board. Cut it in half, place it on the side and cut it into slices.
7. Dice a couple of onions into small pieces. Put it into the mixing bowl.
5. When everything is all mixed up. Set it aside.
6. If you already have ground beef in the freezer, take out as much ground beef as needed. Put the ground beef into the microwave to defrost it.
(Note: Different microwave wattage heating defrost and timing can be different.)

Cooking process:
1. In the cupboard, take out a non-stick pan and put it on the stove.
2. Turn on the heat to medium-low.
3. When the pan is hot. Put in some oil.
4. Put all the ground beef into the pan and flatten it all together.
5. Separate the hamburger steak apart into pieces. You can separate the hamburger steak
into any size piece of your choice.
6. Cook each side for 6-7 minutes or until you see no more pink inside with the lid close.
(Note: Closing the lid will cook faster. The cooking time of the hamburger steak depends on the size.)
7. To know if the hamburger steak pieces are cook, by cutting them in the middle.
If you still see pink, you need to cook it a bit longer.
8. When the hamburger steak pieces are done, turn off the heat.
Place the hamburger pieces onto a plate and set them on the table.
9. Enjoy!!!