Soft tofu with eggs top with green onions

This pan-fried soft tofu with eggs is very delicious and simple to make. I decided to make something different with the tofu by pan-frying it with eggs. Look at how beautiful the colours came out with green onions on top. The soft round tofu and Hoisin sauce can be found at a Chinese supermarket.
All you need to do is cut the soft tofu package in half where the line indicated. Cut the handle and the other half two corners. Take it out from the package carefully into a plate. Slowly cut into round pieces. Slowly put it into the frying pan. Crack three eggs, spread the eggs into the pan and cook until there are no more egg yolks. When cooking, turn heat to low or it will burn fast if you leave it on high heat. Halfway through the cooking, lift the part of an egg and pour in the sauce mixture. Cook until the eggs and tofu are well-done.
Kids and adults would love this dish. You can have tofu with eggs for lunch or dinner. The best combination that goes with this tofu and eggs would be with rice. You can mix tofu and eggs with the rice. I like this dish a lot. Once you eat it, you will know how good this is. Try the recipe and enjoy.

1. In the fridge, take the soft tofu roll package. Cut the package in half where the line indicated. Cut the handling package and the other half of the 2 corners.
2. Slowly pour out the soft tofu into a plate.
3. Hold the plate and tilt it. Use a knife and slowly cut into round pieces.
(Note: if you cut the soft tofu too hard, it will break easily.)
4. Set the soft tofu aside.
5. Take out 3 eggs, crack them into a bowl and set it aside.
6. In the bag, take an onion. Cut off the 2 end parts. Peel the skin and place it on a cutting board. Cut it in half. Place it on the side and cut it into pieces.
7. Take a bowl, put in some hosin sauce, a bit of water and half a teaspoon of cornstarch and mix it together and set it aside.

Cooking process:
1. In the cupboard, take a non-stick frypan and place it on the stove.
2. Turn on the heat to medium-low.
3. Put the sliced onions into the pan.
4. Stir the onions until they are ready,
5. Take the plate of soft round tofu and pour it into the pan. Let it cook for a few seconds.
6. Pour the egg mixture on top of the tofu.
7. Use a spatula and spread the egg mixture evenly all around the tofu.
8. Let it cook for a bit. Turn the heat to low.
9. Use a spatula and lift a part of the egg tofu, carefully pour all the sauce into the pan.
(Note: make sure it’s spread everywhere.)
10. Close the lid and let it cook for a few minutes.
11. Open the lid. Cook until the eggs are well-done without any egg liquid.
12. If there are still some eggs that are not well-done, then you need to cook it a bit longer.
13. When the tofu and egg are done cooking, turn off the heat.
14. Use a spatula and scrape the sides, so that you can remove from the pan easier.
15. When it is done. Carefully place the egg with the tofu onto a plate and set it on the table.
16. Enjoy.