Tortilla wrap with scramble egg and turkey

A whole-wheat tortilla wrap is very healthy. Whole grains protect against heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and certain types of cancer. A tortilla wrap is so simple to make. If you have never made a tortilla wrap sandwich, I have a recipe at the bottom that can show you how to make it. Once you make the tortilla wrap, you will know how easy it is.
I decided to put egg and turkey. If you do not like what I have in my wraps, you can put whatever you choose of your desire. When making the wrap make sure it is wrapped tight without falling apart.
Kids and adults would love these wraps. Kids can also have fun creating their wraps, with an adult’s help in wrapping it for them. You can have these wraps for lunch or dinner. If you have some leftover food for the wraps, you can put it in the fridge and have them the next day. Wraps are the easiest food to make when you know what you want to put in the wraps. Try the recipe and enjoy it.

1. In the fridge, take out an egg.
2. Crack an egg into a bowl and beat it very well.
3. Place it into the microwave and heat it for 2 minutes.
(Note: Different wattage of microwave heating time can be different.)
4. When ready, take it out of the microwave.
5. Take a package of tortilla whole wheat. Take out one piece of tortilla.
6. Place the tortilla onto a cutting board.
7. Take the egg out of the bowl and place it onto the tortilla.
8. Cut the egg into strips directly into the tortilla.
9. Take a piece of turkey, cut it into pieces directly into the tortilla.
10. Fold in the bottom and both sides and roll it tightly. Make sure nothing is falling apart.
11. Take the tortilla wrap, put it in the oven, heat the tortilla wrap at 350f (190 degrees) for 5-10 minutes or until it is hot.
12. When it is done, use a tong and take the tortilla wrap out of the oven and put it onto a plate. Cut the tortilla wrap in half.
13. Now you have a tortilla wrap with scrambled egg and turkey.