Pampano fish topped with onions, green onions and coriander

This is the 17th time I made steamed pampano fish topped with green onions and corinader. The pampano fish smells so good when it comes out of the steamer. It is fresh and from a frozen package. You can buy pampano fish at a Chinese supermarket.
To be marinated the fish I put turmeric, soya sauce, garlic powder, garlic and onions outside and inside. If your pampano does not have a fresh smell then put some Chinese cooking wine inside. It will make the fish taste better. If the pamapno is fresh, you do not need to put any cooking wine in it. The Chinese cooking wine can be bought at a Chinese supermarket. Steaming fish is very healthier.
To steam a pampano fish, you have to take a portable steamer or a large pan. Pour some water and boil on high heat. Close the lid. When the water starts boiling, put the pampano into the steamer. I steam the fish for 8 minutes. If it;s a large pampano fish, it needs to be steam for 12 minutes. You can steam it for 1-2 extra minutes to ensure it is properly cooked. To know if the fish is ready. Take a knife and insert it in the middle. If you feel the bone, that means it’s ready. If not, you need to cook it a bit longer. When it is done, be careful taking the plate of steam fish out of the steamer. It is very hot.
When eating the fish, there are bones. Be careful eating it. The meats inside are very awesome and tasty. I like it a lot. You can defrost the frozen pampano fish the night before in the fridge. Pampano is one of my favorite fish.
When eating fish, it is best to go with rice. Make sure there are no bones before mixing it into the rice. It is best to eat the whole fish on the same day once it is steam, to get the freshness of the fish. Once you eat this steam pampano fish, you will like it a lot. Try to make this fish, and you will enjoy it.

Direction Cleaning:
1. Take the frozen Pampano out of the freezer.
2. Take a bowl of hot water and soak the frozen pampano fish in the bowl, to unfrozen it for about 4-5 minutes.
3. Put a pair of dishwasher gloves.
4. Take it out of the bowl.
5. Open the bag with scissors and take the fish out of the bag.
6. Wash the fish
7. Take a knife and fish. At an angle of the knife, scrape off the scales everywhere on the fish. This fish does not have a 8. lot of scales to scrape off. Compare to other fishes. If the fish have a not fresh smell. Put some salt on both sides of the body and inside too!
(Note: putting salt can take the non-fresh smell away.)
9. Take scissors and cut off the mouth guard. Cut a straight line on the stomach almost to the middle
10. Take out all the disgusting intestine, the red guts and also the mouth guard out of the fish.
11. When it is all clean. Rinse inside and make sure there is no dirty thing inside.
12. When done. Rinse the fish again and put it on a plastic bowl to get all the water out.

Preparing the onions and ginger:
1. Take an onion. Use a knife peeler and peel the onion skin.
2. Place it on the cutting board. Cut each onion in half. Put it on the side and cut it into slices.
3. Take ginger. Use a slice cutter and slice the ginger into strips of pieces
4. Place them into a bowl and set it aside.

Marinating the fish:
1. put the fish on the plate.
2. sprinkle some salt, garlic powder and pour some soya sauce and turmeric on the body
3. Repeat the same steps on the other side of the fish.
4. Inside the fish, sprinkle some salt, garlic powder and pour some soya sauce, turmeric and Chinese cooking wine.
5. Spread some onions on top of the fish, inside and some at the bottom of the plate.
6. In the bowl, take some sliced ginger strips and spread them on top of the fish. Then put some inside the fish.
(Note: Marinating inside the fish and putting ginger and onions can take the non-fresh smell out of the fish.)

Steaming the pampano fish:
1. In the cupboard, Take a large pan and place it on the stove.
2. Put some water, the amount you need to steam the fish.
3. Put a steamer tray. Close the lid.
4. Once the water starts boiling, put the fish inside the steamer tray.
5. Take a couple of green beans and wash it. Then place it around the steamer. Close the lid.
6. Cook the fish for about 12-15 minutes.
( Note: A small size fish cooking time takes 10 minutes.)
7. Once the fish is ready. Use a knife and stick it in the middle to see if it touches the bone. Then you know it’s ready. If not, you need to cook a bit longer.
8. Once it is ready. Turn of the heat.
9. In the fridge, take out some green onions and rinse it.
10. Chop up some green onion. Sprinkle some green onions on top of the fish.
11`. Use a plate clipper or kitchen mittens, take out the steam pampano fish and place it on the table.
12. Enjoy.

Zucchini with apples and red peppers

A simple zucchini with apples and red peppers dish to make. The dish came out so beautiful with different colours. Using an apple, you can make a stir-fry dish. It is very delicious, and I like it.
You can add an apple to the stir-fry dish to have something special. The only hard part of making this dish was slicing the zucchini into strips of pieces on a slice cutter. Once you get the hand of it. You can make strips of zucchini with a slice cutter anytime.
Kids and adults would love this dish a lot. It is a healthy dish. Eating vegetables is very good, especially when you have an apple with zucchini and red peppers. The best combination of this dish would be rice. With the sauce and different food on the dish, you can mix it in with the rice. If you’re a vegetarian, this can be a dish to consider making. Try the recipe and enjoy.

1. Take 2-3 pieces of zucchini’s and rinse with water.
(Note: If you find it slippery, then wash it with a cloth.)
2. Place it on the zucchini’s on the cutting board and cut off 2 end parts.
3. Take a slice cutter and slice into thin strip pieces directly into a bowl and set it aside. When using the slice cutter, just be careful when slicing.
(Note: slicing it into thin pieces will make it easier and faster cooking.)
4. Boil a kettle of hot water.
5. Put some salt into a measuring cup. When the water is hot, pour it into the measuring cup.
6. Take out 2 apples. Use a knife peeler, peel the skins and cut them into pieces, put it directly into the saltwater. Set it aside until you are ready to use it.
(Note: Putting the apples in the saltwater to prevent it from not being a good colour.)
7. In the fridge, take red peppers. Cut it in half. Use a spoon and scoop up all the seeds out and put it directly into a bowl.
Put red peppers on a cutting board. Cut the red peppers into slice pieces. Place it into a bowl and set it aside.
8. In the bag, take an onion, peel the skins. Place it on the cutting board. Cut it in half. Place it on the side and cut it into slices. Put the onions in a bowl and set them aside.

Cooking process:
1. In the cupboard, take a frying pan and place it on the stove.
2. Turn on the heat to high and put in some oil.
3. Put the onions into the pan and stir until it is almost ready.
4. Put the bowl of red peppers and stir a bit. Take the apples out from the salt water, put all the apples directly into the frying pan. Stir a bit.
5. Put some soya sauce and stir.
6. Take the bowl of slices, strips of zucchini and put it into a frying pan.
7. Put in some water and flour and stir until there is no more flour showing.
8. Turn the heat to medium-low and close the lid.
9. When the water starts to boil, turn off the heat.
10. Take a plate and place it on the table.
11. Take the frying pan and pour the zucchini with apples and red peppers into a plate.
12. Enjoy.