Pork with Chinese mushrooms and frozen mix peas

A stir fry Pork with Chinese mushrooms and frozen mix peas is not too hard to make once you get the hand of cooking. You can find the Chinese mushroom at a Chinese supermarket.
An instant pot to make Chinese mushrooms will be so simple and save you less time rather than making it on the stove. When cutting up the porks, they have to be the same size, or else when you cook it, it will cook at different timing. I decide to put some frozen mix peas to make the dish look colourful. It is very delicious. I like it.
Kids and adults will love this dish a lot. The best combination with this dish is rice, with all the sauce you can mix in with the rice. Once you eat it, it will taste so good that you want to have more. This will be a good dish to make. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Cooking Chinese mushrooms from an instant pot:
1. Take the Chinese mushroom out of the bag.
2. Rinse the Chinese mushrooms.
3. Put the Chinese mushrooms into a bowl and soak them over water for 30 minutes.
4. Take out an instant pot. Put some water. Take the bowl of Chinese mushroom and put it in the instant pot.
5. Close the lid. Press the manual button, and it will start automatically.
6. When done. It will release the pressure of the value.
(Note: Never open the lid of the pressure cooker while it is releasing the pressure, or else it will explode.)
7. Once done and the grey thing drops to the bottom, that means it is ready.
8. Take out the Chinese mushroom and put it in a bowl.
9. Rise with cold water until it’s completely cold.
10. Take as many as you need to stir fry.
11. Take the rest of the Chinese mushrooms, put them in a zip-log bag or a frozen bag and put it in the freezer. To use next time when you cook.

1. Take the pork package, take as many as you needed and put it on the cutting board. 
The rest is leftover. Wrap it with a plastic wrapper and put it in the freezer.
2. Cut the pork into pieces, put it in a bowl and set them aside.
3. Take as many Chinese mushrooms as needed, put them on a strainer and rinse it. Set them aside.
4. Take 3-4 garlic’s and peel the skins and cut into pieces,
5. Take an onion, peel the skin, put it on the cutting board. Cut the onion in half and cut it into slices.
6. In the freezer, take out some frozen mix peas, pour them into the strainer and rinse it. Then set them aside.

Cooking the porks:
1.In the cupboard, take out fry pans and put it on the stove.
2. Turn the heat to high.
3. When the pan is hot, put some oil.
4. Put the porks into the pan and turn the heat to medium-low.
5. Separate the porks apart and stir a bit,
6. Put a bit of salt, garlic powder and soya sauce.
7. Stir a bit. Let it cook on one side a bit. Turn the heat to low. Then turn it on the other side.
(Note: Keep an eye on the porks because they cook fast. Don’t overcook the porks. It will be tough.)
8. Cook the porks until there is no more pink or red showing.
(Note: you can take kitchen scissors and cut them in the middle to see if the pork cooked well. )
9. Put in some flour to coat the porks and stir until you do not see any more flours.
10. When the porks are done, turn off the heat and put it in a bowl and set it aside.

Cooking the Chinese mushrooms, frozen mix peas and porks together:
1. Use the same fry pan that you cook the porks
2. Turn the heat to high
3. When the pan is hot, put some oil.
4. Take the cut up garlic pieces and some sliced onions and put them into the frying pan.
5. Stir the garlic and onions until they are almost ready.
6. Take the strainer of Chinese mushrooms, put it in the frying pan.
7. Stir a bit.
8. Sprinkle some salt, garlic powder and add a bit of soya sauce.
9. Stir the Chinese mushrooms a bit.
10. Put the frozen mix peas into the pan with the Chinese mushroom and stir a few times.
11. Take the bowl of cooked pork, put the porks into the pan and mix everything,
12. When it’s ready, turn off the heat and scoop it up into a plate and place it on the table.
13. Enjoy.