Turkey meat egg sandwich

This turkey meat egg sandwich is very delicious and simple to make. I decided to use the turkey meat already made at the supermarket. It is very simple and fast.
All you need to do to fry an egg is take a non-stick pan and turn on the heat high. When the pan is hot. Put in some oil. Crack the egg onto the frying pan. I decided to make half yolk and the other white. Let the eggs cook for a minute or 2. Put the heat too low. If you like you can flip the egg over or just leave it like that. Cook it for another 3 minutes to make sure it is well done. Once done, turn off the heat and set it aside.
I decided to use white bread. I put the bread in the oven and heat it at 350F (190 degrees) for 5 minutes. When it is ready. Use a tong and take out the bread and put it onto a plate and set it aside.
To assemble the sandwich, I put 3-4 pieces of turkey meat. Use a tong and put the egg on top. Put eh bread. Place the sandwich onto a plate and cut it in half. Place the sandwich nicely on the plate. Now you have a turkey meat egg sandwich.
Kids and adults would love this sandwich. Kids can also have fun creating their sandwiches with an adult’s help in putting the ingredients in for them. You can have this sandwich for lunch or dinner. When you eat the turkey meat it tastes like ham. This is a very delicious sandwich.
Making a sandwich is a simple food that everyone can make when you know what you want in the sandwich. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Preparing the extra lean turkey meat:
1. Take the package of extra lean turkey meat.
2. Open the package and place it on the cutting board.
3. Cut the lean turkey meat into pieces.
4. Take a plate, put some lean turkey meat onto a plate and set it aside.
5. The leftover pieces. Wrap it with a plastic wrapper and put it in the freezer.
When you want to eat it, you can take it out and defrost it.

Cooking the egg:
1. Take an egg from the fridge and set it aside.
2. Take a non-stick pan. Rise the pan and clean it very well.
3. Put the pan on the stove.
4. Turn on the heat on high and wait until the pan gets hot.
Pour some oil in the frying pan.
5. Crack the egg in the pan. (you can cook the eggs the way you like it) Once the eggs are in the pan you will see the white egg coming out fast,
6. Let the egg cook for a minute or 2. Put the heat to medium-low. (Make sure you scrape the bottom, so it does not stick),
7. If you like the egg yolk coming out, you can leave it like that by not turning over.
Cook another 3 minutes to make sure it is well done.
8. When it is done, you can put it on the plate and set it aside.

Heating up the bread:
1. Take a bag of bread, take out 2 pieces of bread
2. Put it in the oven.
3. Turn on the oven at 350F (190 degrees)
4. Oven the bread for 5 minutes.
5. When it is ready, use a tong and take the bread out.
6. Put it onto a plate and set it aside.

Making the sandwich:
1. Put the bread onto a cutting board.
2. Put in 2-4 pieces of lean turkey meat.
3. Use a tong and put an egg on top of the lean turkey meat.
4. Close the top bread.
5. Use a knife and cut the sandwich in half.
6. Place it nicely onto a plate.
7. Now you have a turkey meat egg sandwich
8. Enjoy.