Turkey sandwich with gravy sauce

A sandwich is so simple to make. I decided to make a turkey sandwich with some gravy sauce. When you make a big turkey or a ready-made turkey, you can make these as a sandwich to have something to eat fast.
If you do not like what I have in my sandwich, you can put whatever of your choice. Heating up in the oven can make the sandwich crispier and taste better.
Kids can also have fun creating their sandwiches. With the help of an adult, prepare the ingredients for them. You can have this sandwich for lunch, dinner or at work. If you have some leftover food for the sandwiches, you can put it in the fridge and have them the next day.
Making a sandwich is a simple food that everyone can make when you know what you want in the sandwich. Try the recipe and enjoy.


Making the sandwich:
1.Take out the bag of bread. 
2. In the bag, take out 2 slices of bread.
3. Place the 2 slices of bread onto a plate.
4. In the fridge, take out the leftover turkey
or ready-made turkey.
5. Put a couple of pieces of turkey on the bread.
6. Pour some gravy sauce on top of the turkey.
(Note: leave the bread separate apart so you can heat it,)

Heating the sandwich:
1. Open the oven door, place the turkey sandwich with gravy into the oven. Close the oven.
2. Bake it at 350f (190 degrees) for 10 minutes.
3. When it is ready. Put on a pair of kitchen mittens and take out the turkey sandwich with gravy sauce, put it on the table.
4. Put the other bread together.
5. Now you have a turkey sandwich with gravy sauce.
6. Enjoy.