Peanut butter tortilla wrap

A white tortilla wrap is so simple to make. I use the Casa Mendosa original tortilla wrap. I have never tried eating or making the white tortilla wrap. I feel that the white tortilla wrap is softer than the whole wheat tortilla wrap. The white tortilla is easier to eat. I like it a lot.
I decided to use the brand planters peanut butter to spread peanut butter all around the tortilla and roll it into a wrap. If you do not like what I have in my wraps, you can put whatever you choose of your desire. When making the wrap, ensure it is tightly wrapped. I cut it in half and placed it on a plate. One straight and the other at an angle on top of the tortilla wrap.
Kids and adults would love these wraps. Kids can also have fun creating their wraps with an adult’s help in wrapping it for them. You can have these wraps for lunch or snacks.
Another way of making a wrap is if you have some leftover food for the wraps, you can put it in the fridge and have them the next day. Wraps are the easiest food to make when you know what you want to put in the wraps. Try the recipe and enjoy it.

1. Take a package of Casa Mendosa original tortilla wrap. Take out one piece of tortilla from the bag.
2. Place the tortilla onto a cutting board.
3. In the fridge, take a jar of peanut butter.
4. Use a butter knife and spread the peanut butter everywhere on the tortilla wrap.
5. Roll the tortilla wrap. Ensure the peanut butter tortilla wrap is wrapped tightly and nice.
6. When it is done, place it onto a plate and cut it in half.
7. Put one piece straight and place the other at an angle at the top of the tortilla wrap.
8. Now you have a peanut butter tortilla wrap.
9. Enjoy.