Penne pasta with Pergo sauce, broccoli, radish , cucumber, beets and ham.

This is a penne pasta. They look like a cylinder and have a cut angle on both ends. I’ve never made this kind of pasta before. It will be my first time.
Cooking this penne pasta is the same thing as cooking spaghetti pasta until they are tender. Cooking pasta to tender will be easier to eat.
If you decided to eat the penne pasta right away. Before rinsing them in cold water. Make sure you have pasta sauce hot and ready to eat. Once the penne pasta is rinsed in cold water, you will need to heat them in the microwave. Rinsing the pasta in cold water will loosen up the pasta and easier to handle.
Before you rinse the broccoli, you can peel off the hard strip parts at the bottom of the stem to prevent the broccoli from being crunchy. If you like it crunchy, you can keep it the way it is. If you remove the stem strip parts, you will need to cook them to tender. I boiled some broccoli from a large pan. Broccoli cooks fast. It needs to be kept an eye on it. Overcooking them too long will become yellow. To know, if the broccoli are ready. Insert a knife and if it goes through that means it is ready.
The beets are put in a bowl and soaked over water. I heated up in the microwave 6-7 minutes. Take it out and use a fork to test and see if it goes through and tender. Once it goes through and tender, that means it is ready. If it’s still hard, it needs to be microwaved some more.
When the beets are ready. I pour out the water into the sink. I peeled all the beets skins and cut them into pieces. I put it all onto a plate and set it aside.
The cucumber, I decide to use half. I peeled off the skin with a knife peeler a bit. Doing this step will make the cucumber less crunchy and easier to eat. Then I cut it into pieces.
The radish, when bought at a store, comes in a bunch. I cut off the leaves and save them to make a soup. I took a radish and slice it into pieces using a slice cutter directly onto a plate.
To make the plate, I put some Penne pasta. I used the ready-made pasta sauce jar called Pergo. I put some onto the pasta and heated it up in the microwave. When it is ready. I take it out and use a fork to mix the sauce and pasta. On the side, I put some broccoli, cucumber and radish and 2 pieces of baloney and place it nicely on the plate. The plate will look colourful and have more variety of food to eat. If you don’t like baloney and the vegetable I have on the plate. You can put ham or other kinds of vegetables of your choice.
Kids and adults would love this penne pasta with Pergo sauce, broccoli, cucumber, radish and ham or baloney. You have this for lunch or dinner. It is very delicious, and I like it a lot. There is pasta with sauce and some vegetables and ham that make a good combination dish.
When you have no idea what to make on that day. This kind of meal will be the perfect choice to make. Try the recipe and enjoy.


Penne pasta cooking:
1. In a cupboard, take out a large pan. Fill up the pan with cold water.
2. Turn on the stove to high heat.
3. Sprinkle a bit of salt in the water and stir to mix.
4. Put the lid on the large pan, and wait until the water starts boiling,
5. Once the water starts boiling, pour the penne pasta into the pan stir.
6. Close the lid and wait until the penne pasta starts boiling.
7. When the pasta starts boiling again.
8. Once starts boiling, stir it a few times so that it will not stick. Turn the heat to
9. Close the lid and cook it for another 5 min or until boiled with bubbles.
10. When it’s boiling with bubbles, open the lid and take a piece of pasta out and taste to see if it is tender.
11. If the Pasta is not tender, let it cook for a bit longer until you taste penne pasta tender.
12. When the pasta is cooked to tender texture. Take a strainer and put it in the sink and pour the pasta into the strainer.
13. Rinse the pasta for 2-3 min with cold water.
14. Put some cold water in the pan and pour the penne pasta back into the large pan. Pour it back in the strainer to loosen the penne pasta. This way will be easier to take out the penne pasta.

Preparation of the broccoli:
1. In the fridge, take out broccoli and remove it from the bag.
2. Rinse the broccoli’s
3. Place the broccoli’s on the cutting board and cut it in half.
4. Separate the broccoli’s and place it directly into the sink.
5. Cut the end stem of the hard part strips off the broccoli’s to prevent the broccoli from being crunchy.
(Note: If you like it crunchy and hard, you can leave it the way it is.)
6. When you see big pieces of broccoli’s, cut the broccoli into broccoli pieces.
7. When it’s done separating, rinse the broccoli’s and set them aside.

Cooking the broccoli:
1. In the cupboard, take out a large pan. Place it on the stove.
2. Pour some cold water into the large pan. If there is not enough water, you can add more.
(Note: Add just the right amount of water that you need to boil the broccoli.)
3. Turn on the heat to high and cover the lid.
4. Wait until the water is boiling starts to boil.
5. When the water is boiling, put the broccoli’s into the large pan and cover the lid.
6. Wait until it boils again.
7. Once it is boiling, let it cook in the boiling water for 2-3 minutes.
8. Open the lid. Take a knife or a long toothpick. Put it into the broccoli. If you feel the broccoli is tender, that means it is ready. If it’s not, cook for another 2-3 minutes.
9. Turn off the heat.
10. Place it on a plate and place it on the table.

Preparing the cucumber and radish:

1. In the fridge, take out a cucumber.
3. Open the wrapper.
4. Cut the cucumber in half. Rinse the cucumber.
5. Wrap the other half and put it in the fridge.
6. Use a knife peeler and peel a bit on the skin all around.
7. Place it on the cucumber on the cutting board and cut it into round pieces.
8. Put the cucumber onto a plate and place them on the table.
5. In the fridge, take out a bunch of radishes.
6. Rinse the radish.
7. Cut off the leaves and place them in a plastic bag.
(Note: The radish leaves can be kept to make a soup.)
8. Use a slice cutter and cut the radish into pieces directly into a plate.
9. Place it on the table.

Making the beets in the microwave:
1. In a bag, take out 4-5 pieces of beets.
2. Place it in a bowl and soak it over water.
3. Place it in the microwave and heat for 7-8 minutes
(Note: Different microwave heating time can vary.)
4. When it is done. Take it the beets.
5. Use a fork and poke inside to see if it’s tender. Once it is tender,
that means it is ready. If it not then it need to be microwave a bit longer.
6. When the beets are tender. Pour out the water into the sink.
7. Let the beets cool down a bit.
8. Peel all beets skin.
9. Place the beets onto a cutting board and cut into pieces.
10. Put all the beets onto a plate and place it on the table.

Making the ham or baloney:

1. Take a package of ham or baloney.
2. Open the package.
3. Take out as much ham or baloney onto a plate.
4. Put it in the microwave and heat it up for a few seconds.
5. When it is ready, take it out and place them on the table.

Making the plate of pasta with vegetable and baloney:
1. In the cupboard, take out a plate.
2. Put as much penne pasta that you will eat onto a plate.
3. Take a jar of Pergo pasta sauce and scoop as much
as you want to eat on the penne pasta.
4. Place the plate of spaghetti in the microwave and heat it for 3 minutes.
(Note: Heating a plate of pasta depends on the wattage of your microwave.)
5. When the pasta is ready, take it out of the microwave and place it on the table.
6. On the side of the plate, put some broccoli, cucumber, radish, beets and baloney.
7. Now you have a beautiful plate of penne pasta with pergo sauce with some vegetables and baloney.
8. Enjoy.

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